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A Polish company seeks producers and suppliers able to assure regular deliveries of raw cashew nut, almond, refined coconut oil for the production of plant-based alternatives to dairy




A Polish company from Lower Silesia, producing exclusive, artisan vegan “cheese” / plant-based alternatives to dairy is looking for producers and suppliers able to provide high quality raw cashew nuts, almonds, refined coconut oil on a regular basis. The considered cooperation is a manufacturing agreement.


The company is a young and rapidly growing business from Lower Silesia, Poland, producing vegan / plant-based “cheeses” and alternatives to dairy products, crafted from best quality, natural ingredients.

Vegan market has so far been lacking plant-based counterparts of sophisticated, exclusive cheese from the “higher shelf”. Therefore, the company decided to fill this niche and is prepared to prove that regardless of the type of diet one chooses to follow, they will be able to meet customer needs. Whether they are vegan, have lactose intolerance or decided to drop dairy for any other reason, they do not have to give up on the pleasure of experiencing the taste of the traditional cheese.

The company is already on the market, successfully selling their products to multiple shops, restaurants and individual customers. The team is still conducting a research to introduce new, even more innovative and improved plant-based alternatives to dairy. To satisfy the increasing demand for their products, they are currently looking for a bigger production space and will soon purchase advanced heavy duty equipment in order to automatize certain stages of manufacturing process and therefore increase productivity, variety and quantities of the offered goods.

The current markets for the company are vegan and vegetarian customers, lactose intolerant customers, shops selling products marked as “vegan”, “organic”, ”bio” and “eco-friendly”, open-minded and creative restaurateurs willing to experiment with new, surprising flavours etc.

The company is willing to cooperate mainly with suppliers of high quality raw cashew nuts, almonds and refined coconut oil. The company is interested in cooperation within manufacturing agreement.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The company is looking for regular supplies (monthly) of the following quantities of products:
• Raw cashew nut – 150 kg
• Almonds – 100 kg
• Refined coconut oil – 50 liters

Quantities listed above are approximate and will soon increase, along with the expansion of the business.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is interested in a regular cooperation with reliable, professional cashew nuts providers, almonds providers, coconut oil providers.

Advantages & innovations:

Advantages: organic, healthy products; supporting fair trade and sustainable practices; promoting customer awareness pertaining to healthy nutrition, ecology, animal rights and conscious impact on environment with appropriate food choices; virtually no existing competition on Polish and European market with plant-based / vegan alternatives to dairy; all-natural ingredients; environmentally friendly products; no dependence on the factory farming; much easier and faster methods of production as opposed to dairy industry but with at least as tasty and satisfying output; omitting strict regulations that are usually applied when animal-based ingredients are used and processed.
Innovations: well-known, traditional cheese flavours rendered by fully plant-based ingredients; simplified manufacturing process compared to dairy industry.

Development Stage:

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