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A Dutch company who developed (XL) waterproof bike trolleys is looking for an European manufacturer.




Dutch international working company has developed XL waterproof bike trolleys and other big bags. The bike trolleys are sold worldwide. The company is planning to re-shore the production back to Europe and therefore is looking for an European production partner. The production partner is experienced in manufacturing waterproof bags and sealing of textiles. Cooperation in the frame of a long term manufacturing agreement is foreseen.



A Dutch company has developed a range of large bags like XL bike trolleys, which are being sold under their own brand in The Netherlands and the rest of the world. In The Netherlands the company has a dealer network of bicycle specialists and for the rest of the world the products can be bought directly at the companies’ website. At the moment the production of the trolleys takes place overseas.
However, an important mission statement of the company is to create as little as possible carbon dioxide(emission) to help preserve our planet for future generations. This was a main reason why the company decided to re-shore the production back to Europe and not carry tons of material around the globe, but find a local partner with local materials.
Additionally to this, the company is seriously looking for a manufacturer within Europe to have more grip on the production process and the opportunity to adjust production quantities in order to quickly respond to the market, like colour changes and so on. The company needs a production partner, who can produce the waterproof trolleys for bike and e-bikes and has the equipment and know-how for sealing textiles.
Besides reducing transport cost and emissions, the company is also exploring ways to use circular materials for the bags. Partners should be open to explore innovations in this area together with the company.
Therefore the company is looking for a flexible manufacturing partner. The company envisages in a long term manufacturing agreement and is willing to support the partner with all necessary information during the first samples and batches.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The company is looking for a production facility, which:
• has the know-how, experience, equipment and capacity to
produce waterproof textile bike and shopping bags
• has the capacity to produce in minimum order quantities of
50 – 100 pieces and can scale this up to 500 pieces per
• has the right equipment for sealing textiles and has other
assembly capabilities to mount functional parts, like placing
metal rivets
• is familiar with outdoor type of parts and accessories
• has experience with manufacturing of consumer quality
goods with a 5 year warranty level
• has an open company culture that is willing to think
innovative and sustainable
• has good working conditions and
• is able to communicate in English and/or German
- Specific area of activity of the partner: This innovative product with its unique combination of features is reaching an increasingly growing group of clients and therefore the company is looking for a partner that:
• has a production facility that can produce waterproof textile
shopping bags in big as well as in small batches
• Has to be serious about the environment and be interested in
exploring ways to use circular materials for the bags
• Has to be open minded in exploring innovations in this area
together with the company
• has proven experience, know-how and the right equipment to
produce eco friendly
• has to be able to package, label and ship it to The

Advantages & innovations:

The current XL waterproof bike trolley and future planned new bag designs have a mix of following advantages, which have been appreciated by their customers:
1. The trolley bag is developed for bikes and E-bikes and is an
extra large multiple purpose bag, with which you:
- can go shopping (easy attachment of the bag to the trolley in
the supermarkets
- can travel by using the trolley bag as a travelling bag
- can take serious cargo with you. This makes it indirectly an
alternative for using a car and a stimulating of a carbon dioxide
neutral way of transportation
2. The trolley is unique because of its extra large volume of 40 liter
3. The trolley is supported with free running wheels, making it
easy and light to move the trolley around
4. The trolley has ergonomically placed handles and vario hooks,
which makes it easy to attach and release the bag to either the
bike or for example supermarket trolley
5. The trolley has a flat bottom, so it stands upright and stable
6. The trolley has extra space inside by just rolling out the rolled
closure top
7. The trolley has 2 ergonomic grips to relieve your back
8. The trolley can be installed in combination with a child seat on
your bike
9. The trolley is made of tough and durable material
10.The trolley is fully waterproof and comes in bright colours:
grey| bright white, grey | sky blue, grey | red and jeans | jeans,
anthracite | anthracite

Development Stage:

Already on the market


Other - The company has registered its ideas by means of a date stamp at the patent office named: CC Proof B.V..

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