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Dutch multinational producer of electronic devices seeks solutions for virtual tradeshows




A Dutch multinational, producer of electronic devices for consumer and medical usage, is looking for new ways to present its products. Traditional tradeshows are necessary but come with a large price tag. The client invites companies that have a new look on virtual events as an alternative and is looking for services in this sector or an acquisition agreement.


The Dutch multinational is a producer of electronic consumer devices and is active in the medical sector with prevention, diagnose and cure solutions. The client is present at a lot of trade shows. A lot of money is spend on these fairs.

The client would like to explore new ways of getting its products under the attention of prospective customers. It feels that virtual events could be a viable alternative, in the beginning in combination with tradional events. Depending on the success of the new technologies is might be that the virtual event will eventually fully replace or reduce the number of traditional events.

The client invites other companies and organizations that have concrete products or just ideas on how to realize the clients ambition, to come forward and demonstrate the idea or product. The company is interested in obtaining these services directly under a services agreement, or in certain cases, might be interested in acquisition of all or part of a company which had these skills in-house.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: 1. Project Goals
- Ability to reach a wider audience than is possible at a live show
- Ability to target certain audiences i.e. C-Level Executives
- Opportunity to enhance the clients live event experience when running concurrently with a live event.
- Expanding our reach by engaging a wider audience before, during and after the event.
- Raise awareness of the client’s solutions and overall goals
- Generate new sales leads
- Enhance the client’s Social Media platforms
- Provide direct opportunity to purchase from the client's Webshop

Key Requirements
- Metrics: the basic requirements of tracking visitors (unique and repeat), interest preferences, dwell time, click-throughs to purchase etc..
- Ideas for additional metrics: What else can be tracked?
- Reusable template: the platform must be set up in ‘white label’ format so it can be rolled out many times

Required Response
- Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of using an online platform
- Indicative costs (in EUR ex. VAT) to develop the virtual event platform
- Examples of relevant experience in this area.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Looking for potential partners to shape the future of tradeshows.
Client is open to discuss all creative ideas that possible partners can present to reduce costs and expand the reach of trade shows. Eventually physical trade shows might be replaced by virtual solutions all together.
Our client would be willing to either buy the services or to develop sevices jointly (through financial support or otherwise). Other forms of cooperation suggested by possible partners are optional and open for discussion.

Advantages & innovations:

The aim for the medical sector is to have better targetting of the C-level executive audience that decides on purchases. For the consumer markets the aim is to more easily reach a wider audience.

Next to that the aim is to save money on live events and fairs. If this can be achieved that in itself realizes the budget for the new ways of showing the products of the client.

Development Stage:

Available for demonstration - Open for any form of creative ideas to answer this request. It helps if there is a possiblity to demonstrate.



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Communications & Networking \ Industrial Manufacture \ TechUK Single Mapping, August 2014
ELECTRONICS, IT AND TELECOMMS / Multimedia / Visualisation, Virtual Reality
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