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A Dutch company highly specialized in the R&D of efficient clean air technology is looking for manufacturers




A Dutch company is an expert in measuring, recognizing and creating healthy indoor air quality. The company is providing clean and healthy air solutions by services and products. The patented air purifiers remove air contaminations (e.g. viruses, fine particulate matter, allergens, gasses and smells). The company foresees an increase in the need for these specific products and is looking for manufacturers. A manufacturing, license agreement or reciprocal production agreement is envisioned.


A Dutch company is specialized in clean air technology and develops and installs highly innovative and patented air purifiers. The company is an expert in measuring, recognizing and creating healthy indoor air quality especially of particulate matter (PM) in the size of 10 micrometer to 0,1 micrometer, ultrafine particles.
Particulate matter, also known as PM, is a combination of very small air born particles. The size of the particles is directly linked to the health threat they can cause. The smaller the particle, the more dangerous it is for health.

Research shows that particulate matter in the air can cause major discomfort and substantial health risks ranging from allergy to asthma, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Therefore, it is important to offer and maintain healthy and clean air especially in those situations where it concerns vulnerable people such as young children, sick and elderly people and pregnant women.
But also at locations where infectious diseases may emerge, for instance novel avian and other zoonotic influenza, the preservation of clean and viral free air is of utmost and vital importance.

The company developed and currently installs highly innovative and patented air purifiers, which are able to remove particulate matter in the size of 10 micrometer to 0,1 micrometer with an efficiency of 97% to over 99%.

The products and dedicated service model developed by the company has won multiple national and international prizes. Due to this success, further growth in sales is expected and a larger production capacity is needed. Hence, the company is looking for knowledgeable manufacturers active in this field.

A manufacturing agreement or reciprocal production agreement is envisioned, as wel as a license agreement under original equipment manufacturer (OEM) conditions. It should be mentioned that the company is also open to discuss other types of collaborations and is open for offering the products to sell under own brand and liability.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: Technical and manufacturing expertise in the field the production of ventilation, filtration and air quality devices.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Companies with technical and manufacturing knowledge in the field of ventilation, filtration and air quality apparatus. The company is managing or able to manage production facilities for the production of the above mentioned technological devices.
A manufacturing, license agreement or reciprocal production agreement is envisioned.

Advantages & innovations:

The air purifiers remove hazardous contamination from the air, varying from viruses, fine PM to allergens, gasses and smells. Scientific research shows that with an efficiency of 97% to over 99% the developed and applied technologies are exceptional effective for the particles that are most harmful for our health.
The advantages of the air purifiers are:
High purification efficiency combined with low pressure drop
Dust, (ultrafine) particulate matter, microbial and viral contamination, volatile organic compounds are removed from the air.
Low energy consumption
User friendly
Safe and low maintenance
Flexible and modular systems are used
Available as re-circulation air purifiers but also as Induct filtration for integration with any heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) / air handling unit (AHU)
The Smart versions allow (24/7) insight in indoor air quality (IAQ) conditions and system monitoring and control.

Development Stage:

Already on the market - Products are available in different models: - Standardized products (models, capacity) and - Customized per user / application.


Secret Know-how,Design Rights,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted,Granted patent or patent application essential,Trade Marks,Exclusive Rights,Copyright - The company owns several registered and granted patents and trademarks. The company is an innovative technology venture which results is frequent new IPR generation.

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