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A Lithuanian coffee roasting and trading company is offering distribution serivices to coffee preparation & serving equipment, gourmet food products suppliers




The Lithuanian company is specialized in coffee roasting, grinding, and branding solutions. The company owns a shop of coffee and coffee-related products, and a gourmet food shop and seeks to expand its products cart. Therefore it is looking for partners - suppliers of coffee preparation and serving equipment, gourmet food products, green coffee beans, etc. The company is offering cooperation under a distribution services agreement.


The Lithuanian company is involved in coffee roasting, grinding, and high-quality coffee trading since 2015. The company’s product range includes specialty coffee from all around the world. The company can also take responsibility for creating a brand identity, a concept and communication style, production realization, packaging solutions. The company can offer coffee processing solutions according to the client’s needs and budget.
The company owns a shop of coffee and coffee-related products and a gourmet food shop at this moment and it is looking for the possibilities to expand the business more. It would like to widen its product portfolio with coffee making and serving equipment. The company is also looking for high-quality green coffee beans suppliers. Also, the company is looking for premium gourmet food producers/suppliers which will help to fill the gourmet shop with special products.
Sales in the company's shops and cooperation under distribution services agreement are offered to potential partners.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The company is interested in cooperation with producers/suppliers of:
- Crockery, such as ceramic, plastic, enamel, paper cups, other dishes for coffee and cutlery.
- Coffee brewers, coffee pots, barista props, and other possible coffee preparation and serving equipment.
- High-quality green coffee beans.
- Also, the company is looking for gourmet food products distributors that can offer a wide assortment of already packed products (olives, oils, spreads, chutneys, jams, quarters, creams, sauces, spices, dried meat products, biscuits, crackers, bread products, canned vegetables, cheeses, vinegar and similar). Food products with great expiry time and easy to transport are in demand.
The company is interested in high-quality products at an adequate price, more at an average price level is oriented.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company would like to expand the business consistently and therefore seeks to widen its product portfolio more. It is looking for foreign experienced partners (producers, suppliers) of high-quality coffee making and serving equipment. The company also is looking for suppliers of premium gourmet products. It is always interested in high-quality green coffee beans at a competitive price.
The company is offering to partners to work under the distribution services agreement. Long-term cooperation is preferable.

Advantages & innovations:

- The company is a fast-growing – in 2016 it carried out sales for 55k €, in 2017 this number quadrupled to 230k €, in 2019 reached 800k €.
- The company guarantees the quality of the roasted coffee because it is responsible for the whole roasting process starting with obtaining green coffee beans and finishing with the packaging.
- The company can roast 5-10 tones of coffee a month.
- The company owns a shop of coffee and coffee-related products and a gourmet food shop in two cities currently. It expects to grow to a retail chain in some years.
- The company's products and shops are with fast-growing popularity.
- A wide range of loyal clients - from physical persons and families to big local companies, organizations.
- Carefully selected suppliers and products.
- Orientation to high-quality components.
- Constantly updated products range according to current trends and demands.
- Qualified and experienced employees prove the ability to identify the needs of a specific customer and an excellent understanding of the national coffee market.
- The company has international business practice because of ongoing agreements with neighboring Latvian market, Russia, Poland, The United Kingdom.
- The firm has a high-level understanding of the European coffee market.

Development Stage:

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