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A Japanese trading company is seeking EU suppliers of chemicals and compounds for the electronics sector under a commercial agency or distribution services agreement




The Japanese trading company would like to partner with an EU company providing chemicals and compounds for the manufacturing of electrodes and other applications in the electronics sector.

They wish to represent this EU partner on the Japanese market in the form of a commercial agency or distribution services agreement. They are looking for a partner who can supply both high quality chemicals and compounds.


This Japanese company located in Osaka is seeking to represent an EU partner by engaging in the sales of their EU-made chemicals and compounds. The Japanese company has been in the trading business for 14 years and has a reliable customer base in Japan. They are mainly trading chemicals, a wide-range of spare parts, powder and fluid manufacturing equipment. Moreover, they are engaged in engineering and installation services for specific equipment.

The company is currently mainly active in Asian markets, but is looking for an EU partner who can supply specific chemicals and compounds that are of a high quality and used in a number of applications such as semiconductors and circuit boards. They can provide the EU partner with an opportunity to enter or expand their business in the Japanese market through their existing commercial channels.

The Japanese company has a broad knowledge of chemicals and compounds, as well as marketing intelligence to support the EU partner. Their expertise in marketing will help the EU partner to expand and improve their business reputation in Japan. The Japanese company will bear domestic labour costs and offer legal support so that the EU partner can enter the Japanese market with lower costs.

The Japanese company is seeking exclusive distribution rights for high-quality products which fulfil their requirements. The company would like to initially consider a commercial agency agreement, but if the partnership proceeds smoothly, a distribution services agreement would be highly considered.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The EU partner should be able to provide a stable supply of EU-made chemicals and compounds used for the manufacture of electrodes and for applications in the electronics sector.

The products should be able to accommodate Japanese users’ demands, which means that the Japanese company seeks value-added products rather than inexpensive bulk products.

The company is especially looking for the following chemicals and compounds:
- Nitro compounds
- Bromine and Bromine-containing compounds
- Silica
- Silicone
- Siloxanes
- Synthetic resin
- Intermediate for dyes and pigments, and chemicals and compounds used in their manufacture

Aforementioned compounds are to be used for the following applications:
- Electronic circuit
- Semiconductor
- Liquid-crystal display
- Organic electroluminescence
- Lithium-ion battery etching agent for semiconductor
- Dyes and pigment intermediates

Other chemicals and compounds used for the above applications are also of interest.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The potential partner should be able to provide a stable supply of high-quality chemicals and compounds used for the manufacture of electrodes and other applications in the electronics sector.

The EU partner should have high standards to ensure the quality of the products that they supply.

They should be aware of marketing aspects such as market demands, and be well-experienced in chemical-related sectors.

An exclusive distribution contract covering the Japanese market is preferred if the potential partner is not already selling on the Japanese market.

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