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Italian company is looking for suppliers of innovative greenhouse and open field sensor systems to sell under a distribution or commercial service agreement.




An Italian company, specialized in public-funded agricultural innovation projects to help farmers and based in the South of Italy, is looking for suppliers of innovative solutions in the field of sensors systems and tools to be used mainly in greenhouses and for open field agricultural production. The sought partner can be a small and medium enterprise interested in offering the requested products under a distribution or commercial service agreement.


An Italian company specialized in public-funded agricultural innovation projects to help farmers based in the South of Italy, has access to advanced production technologies.
The company is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture in over 50 areas of expertise and the team is composed by highly-qualified agricultural technicians, software engineers and business consultants.
Since 2017 they have contributed to several agricultural projects of international relevance, relying on a portfolio of development partners including Universities and Research Organizations, Industry Associations, IT Companies, Technology Transfer Agencies, Public bodies and NGOs.
Their main role is to assist growers throughout the project management cycle, helping them in scouting the innovative production management technologies that better satisfy their specific needs and requirements within each project.
In Southern Italy there are currently 126,800 agricultural SMEs that generate an estimated annual production value of 33 billion euros. An increasing consistent part of the sales turnover generated by these companies is reinvested to automate and digitalize production facilities. The agricultural SMES also receive an annual amount of public-granted funding of at list 7 Billion Euro to support the sector’s transition to the industry 4.0. As a consequence, the business of the company is rapidly expanding due to the growing needs for agricultural technologies shared among growers and the increasing financial support provided by the government. Given the rapid growth in technological demand, the company wants to explore a market different from the Italian one in order to find competitive and cutting-edge solutions in the field of sensors and beyond for the greenhouse and open field agricultural production sector.
In order to fill the consistent technology gap, the company has established a new division for selling greenhouse sensors technologies outsourced from EU-Markets under distribution service agreements.
In exchange of sales commissions, which may vary depending on the extent and duration of company’s involvement, the company’ sales division will help foreign technology suppliers to:
- Customize their offer to the South-Italian agricultural production market;
- Increase sales by outreaching and engaging new clients;
- Promote their value offer through ad-hoc communicational and marketing campaigns;
- Comply with public, market and sector standards and regulations;
- Maintain solid business relations with clients and provide post-sales clients support.
Company’s portfolio of clients in Southern-Italy is composed by agricultural associations, consortiums and other sector’s conglomerates grouping around 4.500 SMEs divided as follow:
- 2.200 producers of citrus fruits, mainly oranges and lemons;
- 1.300 producers of ornamental Citrus pot plants;
- 500 Olives and Oil producers;
Most of clients are pioneers in the adoption of modern agricultural technologies and each of them is certified with at least one agri-food product quality certification brand recognized by the European Commission, including Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).
The company is looking for suppliers of sensors systems and tools which can be adopted by their clients within one or more public-funded innovation project. Considering that project goals and objectives may vary considerably, the company is not looking for a specific sensor. Instead, the company is willing to establish new commercial partnerships with sensor technology suppliers that distinguish themself for the competitiveness of their solutions and have commercial potential in the South-Italian agricultural production market.
The sought partner can be a small and medium enterprise interested in offering the requested products under a distribution or commercial service agreement.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The company is looking for suppliers of the following product categories:
- Greenhouse and open field sensors and data loggers to measure different parameters such as light intensity, relative humidity, temperature, conductivity, pH, leaf wetness index and others. The Sensors should be provided with a management software, preferably cloud-based, which offer functionalities to remotely control the devices, export data, run statistics and set alert systems with thresholds for preventing and reporting biotic and abiotic stress inducing factors;
- Greenhouse Smart Devices, RFID Systems and other IoT equipment.
- Smart pest monitoring and diseases detection systems (E.g. Camera-equipped Traps).
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The partner sought can be an innovative SMEs that produce sensor systems and tools for greenhouse and open-field agricultural production.
Thanks to a distribution or commercial services agreement the company will act as a distributor or agent or sell partners’ products in the Italian Market.
At this stage, the company does not seek exclusivity, but asks that any partners already have experience with exports in order to facilitate any sales and assistance. If, on the other hand, the partner's company is not yet represented in Italy, the proposer may be interested in having the exclusivity in the area.

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