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Italian company involved in the field of energy efficiency, offers its distribution and commercial services to a potential supplier




Italian company, located in the Sicilian province of Trapani, operates in the energy efficiency sector, with high quality products which respect the environment. The company aims at acting as agent or distributor for foreign suppliers interested in introducing their products in Italy.


The Italian agency was created to connect the companies represented with their target market, creating B2B or B2C relationships.
High quality products, technological innovation and respect for the environment are the values that unite the companies the agency represents.
Thanks to the companies in the agency portfolio, a design customized solutions on specific needs is guaranteed.
The aim of the agency is to offer business solutions to Italian and foreign markets, in order to add innovative energy saving products with the utmost respect for the environment and guarantee the social and economic growth.
The company represents manufacturing companies which generally make photovoltaic products, inverter, fixing structures for photovoltaic products and solar thermal, VMC (controlled mechanical ventilation) and solar thermal producers.
The most represented brand, for which the agency has exclusive rights for Italy and Malta is a company dedicated exclusively to the investigation and development of solar systems for its export. Placed among the first and most modern in Europe.
The company produces solar systems with the latest in robotic technology, welding laser, etc. These new production lines are prepared to work 24 hours a day and 365 days a year with a rate of production able to give response to current and future.
The agency looks for new supplier interested in selling their products in Italy through an expert representative agency, with whom it can be created a fiduciary relationship based on exchange of information and updated on right sales strategies

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The products the company are looking for are innovative and competitive.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Regarding the commercial agreement the agency offers a consultancy service about the choice of the correct sales channels and the winning marketing strategies: this mediation will be adopted on the basis of the product and the position price that the partner intends to reach on the Italian market. In addition, the agency will have an active role to play by offering more knowledge about the new products: it will organize a presentation of the products and several training activities to inform and involve customers.
Regarding the distribution service agreement, the agency offers not only the business promotion and the products sale but is also capable to offer to customers a constant after sale service. In this way the company is relieved from these duties but it can continue to track the assistance and protect its own brand,

Advantages & innovations:

The company is a young, innovative and bright representative agency which works in the Italian market by inserting new foreign companies operating in the efficiency energy field.
The agency is involved in a wide range of sales channels, such as heating and plumbing, large-scale electricity distribution and areas of focus.
At the moment the company represents 4 importants brands of these products:
1. Thermal solar: exclusive rights for Italy and Malta with the total management of the commercial procedures;
2. Fastening units for photovoltaics plants: exclusive rights for South Italy; the core business is the detailed customer care to bigger clients in the sales;
3. Photovoltaics modules: agency agreement for Sicily and Sardinia, the core business is the detailed customer care to bigger clients in the sales;
4. Mechanical Ventilation products: Agency agreement for Sicily, Sardinia and Malta, right now the company is building up the local distribution network.

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