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An Icelandic branding company is looking to expand in the Nordic countries through acquisition




The Icelandic company that specializes in branding has developed a unique branding index and branding measurement tools based on seven years of development. The current main market is Iceland. The company is looking to expand its operation through acquisitions in the Nordics. The company is looking for marketing and/or strategic agencies / consultancies that focus on branding, with the aim of possible acquisition.


The Icelandic company has been operating since 2006 on the Icelandic market. The company talks about emotions and human behavior. It reviews and enhance those emotions that people have towards brands. It wants to strengthen the relationships between brands and people. Furthermore, it aids businesses in making better use of resources by increasing the efficiency of marketing, human resources and strategic decision making
The Icelandic company is looking for agencies/consultancies that have worked on the strategic side of marketing, especially those that have mostly focused on branding. Furthermore, the partnering agencies should base their consulting on data collection that has been collected using relevant marketing research approaches, quantitative, qualitative and relevant secondary data. The Icelandic partner is looking for agencies that are established and have been in the market for at least seven years and are located in greater metropolitan areas, they are not looking for large agencies. The target group is not digital marketing agencies or creative ad agencies that focus on content creation or publishing.
The Icelandic company works with companies focusing on maximizing profitability by building brands that appeal to both employees and customers. They have developed a unique brand index and brand measurement tools based on seven years of development. The emphasis is on offering consulting, auditing, strategic planning and brand measurement by applying an academic approach based on research and data. The offer helps companies apply their brand in an optimum way and increase brand value.
Their product selection is as follows:
- indexing
The index is the product of a seven year development process based on academic research and practical testing. The tool measures 30 items that are an essential part of every brandís foundation
- identity
This is an employee exercise where the brand identity is analysed based current perception and how employees want it to be in the future.
- audit
The audit is divided into steps. The internal review focuses on the brand identity, how the brand is perceived by employees. The external review takes the consumers point of view.
The Icelandic SME is looking for possible acquisition of marketing and/or agencies/consultancies that focus on branding, more specifically focus on companies that already have collected data through validated market research.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: Expertise sought are agencies/consultancies working on strategic marketing focused on branding.
The partner should be located in metropolitan Nordic areas have good connections with the market, either through the brand itself or employees that work for the partner.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Agencies/consultancies with good market presence focusing on strategically utilizing brands in order to increase clients profitability. The potential partner need to base their consulting on data collection that has been collected using relevant marketing research approaches, quantitative, qualitative and relevant secondary data. The partner should be open to collaboration through an acquisition.

Advantages & innovations:

Seven years of development based on research and data collection resulting in a brand index and brand measurement tools. The index and tools together with specific-know-how provide a service that helps companies utilize their brand to maximize profitability and engage employees. The company has the main focus on emotions, emotions towards the brand. Those emotions are collected and results are processed toward constant optimization.

Development Stage:

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