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An Israeli company specialized in the food sector offering representation services is looking for producers interested to enter the Israeli market under commercial agency agreement.




The Israeli company acting as a commercial agency is offering services to foreign companies interested to enter the Israeli market with their products.
The required manufacturers and suppliers are from the food / food supplement / pharmaceutical sectors. The company is offering cooperation under a commercial agency agreement.


The Israeli company acts as a commercial agent and specializes in introducing all kinds of food/food supplements and pharmaceutical products to the domestic market and enabling their sales. They specialize in trade for food chains, offer brokerage services for businesses, market development and representation for foreign manufacturers who wish to penetrate the Israeli market.
Additionally, they provide a broad range of services aimed at development of sales and market expansion through marketing and product development projects.
The company has strong contacts with leading retailers, distributors and manufacturing companies in a variety of areas in Israel. They know to create and tailor the best marketing platform for clients, which is suitable for the Israeli market, and to maximize the potential of client’s products.
The company’s team expertise includes: increasing sales, managing commercial trade, improving profitability and commercial conditions, managing the point of sale, optimizing the shelf of space, analyzing markets and categories, leading entry to new areas of activity and new targets, identifying sale opportunities and strong negotiation abilities.
Behind them there are over 30 years of experience at senior management positions in the leading Israeli companies. The company is ready to an exclusive representation of foreign companies in Israel in both official and financial aspects.
They intend to search and meet potential customers, prepare presentations, release products from customs, present the products and the manufacturer to relevant customers. They offer to create / implement new product introduction and marketing strategies in the Israeli market, attract customers, manage customer services, prepare and conduct negotiations in benefit of the client, intermediary services, organization of sales structures, support in logistics, customs and legal processes.
The company is looking to act as a representative under commercial agency agreement

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The offered products should meet the standards of state of Israel. Preferably with the possibility of a Kosher certificate.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: -Type - industry, business, trade

-Activity – 1) to be a manufacturer / supplier of food, food supplements, (OTC) pharmaceuticals.
2) a supplier must have many contacts in the field, know the subject

-Role - to be / have local customers – manufacturers of food, food supplements, pharmaceuticals (OTC (over-the-counter drug) etc.)

Advantages & innovations:

The company’s team has over 30 years of experience in the Israeli market, vast connections in all trade networks and holds trade & marketing strategy building and methods. They can provide distribution channels to producers and suppliers of different products in the field.

Development Stage:

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Commercial agency agreement


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Contact Enterprise Europe Network Scotland by email at, quoting reference number BRIL20181102001