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Israeli SME experienced in registration, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and food supplements offers agency agreements




A well-established Israeli SME, specializing and experienced in importation, registration, marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals, is looking for manufacturers to supply these products. The expected products are intended for registration and distribution to hospitals, public healthcare organizations, clinics and pharmacies under the trademark of the represented company or private label. The company is looking for commercial agency, distribution services and licensing agreement.


The Israeli family owned company was founded in 1996 and is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Israel, with highly professional approach and rich experience. The company represents foreign pharmaceutical companies: imports, markets, promotes, registers and distributes their pharmaceutical products. They supply hospitals, public healthcare organizations (including four largest insurance funds in Israel), various clinics and pharmacies in Israel and Palestine. The company offers a reliable market outlet for their products by partnering up with the leading health logistics companies.
The company has developed its own business strategy and selects its products after deep market analysis. The chosen products are passing several steps of service:
- marketing and sales. Ethnical products are promoted to wide network of medical professionals with the particular expertise of emphasizing the unique selling point(s) of every product,
- registration & pharmacovigilance. The service covers all regulatory aspects of registration process: quality assurance, batch release process and pharmacovigilance.
The company is known as reliable and maintains a diverse portfolio of over 100 branded and generic products. The company holds 100% market share of more than 30 products.
The company experience, professionalism and transparency create productive and long-lasting business partnerships. Along with that, they aim to continue growing their portfolio and to establish new partnerships around the globe. So they always seek new partners for prescription and non-prescription drugs. They are looking for commercial agency, distribution services and licensing agreements with pharmaceutical suppliers. They act and are looking to act as an agent to represent manufacturers, as a distributor to sell their products to the Israeli market or to buy a license from the licensing companies.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: the offered product(s) must be registered and marketed in at least one of the countries: European Union, Switzerland, the U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: -Type - industry, business, trade

-Activity a) both manufacturer and wholesaler must be English-speaking (with all the documentation presented in English) marketing authorization holder of the offered product;
b) manufacturer specializing or engaged (or wholesaler authorized / engaged) in development & production of pharmaceutical finished products.

-Role - 1) to supply registration file and the production,
for licensing to sell rights for the product, with ability of selling it under private lable.

Advantages & innovations:

The company is very dynamic concerning the request processes as: quick response about the trends on the market, market analyzing, agreement organizing, registration of the product in local authority with its immediate (after approval) entering the market.

The company has great experience of more than 20 years on the market with full platform of import, registration, marketing & promotion service for pharmaceutical products. They have long-term agreements with the same suppliers, representing them a lot of years.

The company works with professionals both in medical / pharmaceutical and marketing fields. The company has developed their own working strategy providing marketing analysis for a product before starting work with it.

The company possesses the necessary sales force to use its knowledge in pharmaceutical field to explain essence of a new medicine (or medical device) activity to decision-making chief medical staff.

The company is extremely effective and successful also with working on generic and ethnic (innovative) products. Even though the last ones require a complete process of presentation to the market.

Development Stage:

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