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European subcontractor sought for fabric/yarn dyeing by a Hungarian textile manufacturer




A Hungarian textile company is seeking a subcontracting partner in Europe for fabric dyeing of knitted products. The Hungarian SME would like to co-operate companies ideally from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia or Ukraine.



The Hungarian firm which is active in the textile industry is looking for a subcontracting partner ideally from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia or Ukraine.

The company needs a partner for combed yarn and circle knitted fabric dyeing. The partner company can be either a sole dyeing company or a knitting company with a separate dyeing sector with big capacity.

The philosophy of this Hungarian textile company, which is producing circle knitted workwear and corporate wear, is to adapt the latest results of research and development to its product development work, to serve the heathy and comfortable style of living, to protect the environment, hereby to conduce to sustainable development.

The compositions of fabrics are: 100% cotton, 100% polyester, 50-50% cotton-polyester.

Strategic products of the company are circle knitted protective fabric or the final knitted protective clothing made of them:
- classic collared polo shirt
- antistatic workwear (polo shirt)
- electromagnetic shielding clothes
- antibacterial underwear and clothing
- flame retardant underwear

Outstanding reference:
- sale of antibacterial fabric
- workwear, uniform, corporate wear
- sportswear and casual wear
- custom isolation and washing nets

The technical products are its latest developments: isolation net produced for required sizes, washing bag, woven insignia and woven arm signal.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: As a subcontractor for yarn and fabric dyeing:
The company is looking for a subcontractor that is able to dye 100% cotton, 50% cotton-50% polyester and 100% polyester yarns and circular knitted fabrics.
Metric yarn count: ranges from Nm 50/1 to 34/1
The company should have a well-equipped dyeing facility and should be an expert in the process.

The Hungarian textile firm needs two different dyeing technologies:

1. For 100% cotton fabrics: Atmospheric dyeing machine
2. For 100% Polyester (PES) and 50%-50% Co-PES fabrics: HT dyeing machines and open finishing

It is important that at the finishing there must be a shrinking machine, since the product has to meet the strict requirements of the MSZ EN ISO 25077:2000 and MSZ EN 26330:2000 standards which state that the maximum allowed dimensional change is 3% with PES and 5% with Co/Co-PES fabrics.

In case of continuous cooperation with the subcontractor, the monthly quantity to be dyed (depending on the requirements of the customer) would be 500-1000 kg fabric, in case of preparing a sample fabric 60-100 kg.

The partner should have 500-600 kg capacity dyeing machines.

Sometimes the company also needs yarn dyeing for the production of flat knitted collars, therefore need a partner who is able to dye yarns too.

It is also vital that the partner has an inspection machine, and a laboratory for the inspection of physical parameters before and after the dyeing.

The company needs short leading time that is about two weeks, in case of a continuous cooperation with the future partner.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: As a subcontractor for fabric dyeing:

The partner that the Hungarian SME is searching for should be an industry partner and should be either specialised in fabric and yarn dyeing or should have a separate dyeing section besides the knitting section.

The subcontracting partner would get a raw yarn or a raw circle knitted material and should be able to dye it properly according to Textile Pantone Colours (TPX).

The ideal partner is based in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia or Ukraine. Preferred lead time is approximately one week.

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