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Laser machine for metal surface cleaning is requested by a Greek company under manufacturing agreement




A Greek SME that provides construction and maintenance services for the building sector is looking for a professional laser machine for cleaning metal surfaces. Industrial partners (manufacturers, suppliers) active in the field of industrial laser solutions for metal surface cleaning are sought. The desired type of cooperation is manufacturing agreement.


The Greek construction company has an excellent know-how and a long-standing experience for more than 20 years in the field of metal constructions and maintenance of iron and steel structures of all types, small or large scale. They offer complete and custom made solutions for the construction of urban equipment and various commercial premises while they undertake also subcontracting services in various public projects of all sizes.

The inquire refers to the need of a professional laser cleaning machine with extremely precise laser light that effortlessly removes rust, dust, oxides, oil and other contaminations from metal, plastic, ceramics, glass, stone or concrete. The Greek company is interested to use the requested machine for the following purposes:

Metal surface rust
Surface paint stripping treatment
Surface oil, stains, dirt cleaning
Surface coating, coating removal
Welding surface / spray surface pretreatment

The requested machine should apply the non-contact cleaning method making the minimal impact on base material. It is preferable also to come with a hand-held manipulator with in-built optical system.

The Greek company is interested to acquire the requested laser machine in order to upgrade their services and benefit from increased precision, enhanced productivity and improvements in metal process speed. They are interested to establish a manufacturing agreement with experienced companies, manufactures and providers of laser machines for metal surface cleaning.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The requested power of the laser machine is about 200 Watts or more.

The Greek company is willing to spend up to 30.000€ to procure the machine.

The requested machine is intended for outdoor use and thus it should be durable and portable so that it can be moved to any place.

It is desirable to have an on-board hoover system that immediately sucks up the vaporised rust, making the entire rust removal process as clean and simple as possible.

Also, technical parameters particularly concerning cleaning efficiency and scanning width will be highly considered.

Lastly, it should be in accordance with all product and legal requirements of the European market (CE marking etc.).
- Specific area of activity of the partner: -Type of considered collaboration:

The Greek company is offering a collaboration within the framework of manufacturing agreement. The company is expecting that the collaborator will manufacture the desired tool for them.

-Type of partner sought:

The Greek company is looking for companies (manufacturers, suppliers) active in the field of industrial laser solutions for metal surface cleaning.

Potential partners should be able to provide the Greek company with a professional laser machine for metal surface cleaning according to their requirements and specifications.

Development Stage:

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