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French company seeks provider of cosmetic solution for overnight use which prevents body from sleep wrinkles for distribution agreement




French SPA and well-being company is looking for an innovative solution for its customers to avoid the appearance of facial and necklines wrinkles during the night or at least to make them disappear. The solution should be mechanically cosmetic (sticky strips, silicon pads, masks, pillow...) or naturally cosmetic (organic product of plant or algae origin) or other. A distribution agreement is sought with a partner providing such specific anti-wrinkles products, preferably located in Europe.


The French company has strong wellness expertise for the SPA activities of its large clientele, and they have identified new demand for an anti-ageing solution to preserve the skin and to prevent sleep wrinkles formation due facial and neckline distortion during the night when sleeping on side.

The company has no answer in this market and wants to offer a beauty system solution to treat the root cause of the appearance of sleep wrinkles at night rather than treating the consequences in the morning.

As a result, the company is currently looking for an efficient solution to avoid or drastically reduce sleep wrinkles (pressure lines, cheek indents, chest wrinkles, and forehead lines) that could be for example:
-a system of sticky strips, silicon pads or gels, masks...
-an innovative soft material for the pillows or the mastress, back sleeping system...
-an elixir, a gel or cream that can contain very active natural ingedrients and which must dry or solidify that is to say with mechanical virtues of fixing the tissues to avoid wrinkles.

This product is planned to be commercially disseminated through the company's network of 400 SPAs toward a large clientele.

The French company is willing to find abroad a long-term partner offering such an existing product under a distribution services agreement. The partner should be preferably located in Europe.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The French SME is looking for provider of an efficient solution to prevent sleep wrinkles during the night. The treatment products should have been tested and approved. The cosmetic solution should be natural or mechanical.

-The use of the sleeping system must prevent the body from pressure lines and wrinkles,
-The skincare products should be tested and efficient,
-The products should have added-value dermocosmetics properties of fixing tissues,
-The lifting & beauty face treatments should be for use at night.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The partner should provide a dedicated solution to prevent sleep wrinkles, that is to say, to avoid facial and necklines wrinkles appearance during the night.

A distribution services agreement is sought with a long-term partner preferably located in Europe.

Development Stage:

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