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French company specialized in the trade of glass containers is looking for suppliers




A French distributor of glass products used as containers for solid and liquid foodstuffs is looking for new suppliers of glass jars with twist-off caps or not, and bottles.
The company also offers its services as a distributor through a distribution service agreement.


A French company located in the South of France specialised in the trade of food and liquid containers of glass, is looking for new suppliers of glass jars and bottles. The company also offers future suppliers the opportunity to be their distributor in France through a distribution services agreement.
The company, which has 25 years experience in this field, offers more than 700 references of articles in different shapes, capacities (30 ml to 12 litres) and finishes. Among these items are bottles, glass preserving jars, tableware, carboys and some decorative items such as candle holders, vases, decorative caps...
The jars are sold with aluminium or cork lids or without, with or without rubber seals, with or whithout mecanichal closing. Some bottles are equipped with fixed closure systems, others are closed with removable cork or glass stoppers.
Some items are engraved, most are white glass but the company also offers coloured glasses.
Of course, all products meet the requirements of food contact conformity.

The company's clientele is mainly composed of professionals ranging from craftsmen to industrials (producers of honey, manufacturers of jams, olive oil manufacturers) but also professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry.

The company has a merchant site in French only because its clientele is 100% French.

Today the company would like to expand its network of suppliers and identify as a priority manufacturers of glass jars such as jam jars, and bottles. If it cannot find manufacturers, it is ready to work with wholesalers if the prices are competitive. It wishes to work primarily with companies based in the European Union or in neighbouring countries.
The company is primarily looking for white glass jars and bottles that are fairly classic in their shape but is open to any proposal.
The company also offers future partners the opportunity to be a gateway to the French market by distributing their products.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The company is mainly looking for manufacturers of white glass jars and/or bottles because it is for these products that it has the greatest demand.
The products can be equipped with twist-off caps or not, with mechanical closing or not.
The products must have different capacities (standard CE) and of course meet the requirements of food contact conformity.
The company wants to buy 20,000 pieces a year.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is primarily looking for manufacturers of glass products, more specifically jars and bottles, located in EU or in neighbouring countries, to conclude a supplier agreement.
The partner will have to offer products that comply with European regulations concerning materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.
The company is aware that its need (20,000 items per year) is not significant enough in terms of turnover for some large manufacturers, so if it cannot find manufacturers, it is ready to turn to wholesalers but only if the prices are very competitive.
If the industrial supplier or wholesaler so wishes, the French company can take care of the delivery of the products to France.
The company offers to become a distributor for the future partner if, for example, it is not yet present on the French market.

Advantages & innovations:

With more than 700 references, the company offers a very wide range of products to satisfy all customer requirements.
Thanks to its 25 years of experience, the company knows the market and the needs of its customers very well.
The company already has several suppliers outside France and is experienced in terms of international trade. It can handle the transport of goods if requested by the manufacturer.

Development Stage:

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