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A Spanish canned fish producer from Galicia seeks for manufacturing and supplier agreements for skipjack and yellowfin tuna from Asian, South American and African countries




A Spanish company based in Galicia, in the fish and seafood sector, is in search of supplier and manufacturing agreements with companies from Asia, South America and Africa. The SME is in search of frozen skipjack and yellowfin tuna, to commercialize through their canned fish brand in its country of origin. In their 31 years of business, the company has created a network of contacts formed by companies from the HORECA channel, supermarkets and food stores.


The SME, producer of canned fish and seafood products, started in 1989 as a family business in Galicia, Spain. The company processes more than 5000 tons of fish per year and commercializes three lines of canned products displayed in a variety of formats obtained from the Galician estuaries and the Atlantic Ocean.

Ita categories of products are: standard line of canned products (adapted to the general publicís budget); a gourmet line of high selection products (exclusive fresh Galician canned marinated mussels, Rianxo sardines, tuna ventresca, cockles, and scallops in vieiraís sauce); and specialized products for the HORECA channel (all these products come in big formats).

The SME wishes to widen their range of products by looking for companies that can supply them with tuna of the following category:

- Frozen skipjack tuna
- Frozen yellowfin tuna
- Skipjack loins
- Yellowfin loins

The company is seeking for supplier and manufacturing agreements with companies or agents that have experience in the food sector and if possible, are canned fish manufacturers. The objective of these agreements is to establish relationships with international suppliers or manufacturers from Asia, Africa and South America to distribute their products in Spain.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The company is looking for the following types of tuna:

- Frozen skipjack tuna
- Frozen yellowfin tuna
- Skipjack loins
- Yellowfin loins

The transportation and packing methods should keep the quality of the product and guarantee its frozeness.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The partner sought must belong to the industry and be a tuna supplier or manufacturer. This partner must comply with health regulations and, ideally, be from any Asian, South American or African countries, where these species can be found.

The partner's role will be to supply the company with the previously mentioned types of frozen fish, through supplier or manufacturer agreements, according to the negotiated terms.

Advantages & innovations:

The canned fish producers count with the following advantages:

- Its location: Galicia has 400 kilometers of rugged coastline with many varieties and different marine ecosystems. Also, the seafood has a special flavor as Galicia is hit by Nordic winds that try to expel the sea from the coast, generating currents very rich in mineral salts and plankton that come from the ocean floor.
- 31 years of experience on the industry selecting and producing medium-high quality seafood products.
-High capacity to produce thousands of tons yearly
- Established network of contacts to distribute its products throughout Spain and understanding on the market
- The SME has the APPCC Cetificate - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points certificate for companies in the food sector

Development Stage:

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