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Danish producer of classical doors and windows seeks manufacturers for their wooden windows




A well-established Danish company manufactures old-fashioned, traditional design windows combined with modern techniques to make windows which fit into classical buildings while being fully functional and having modern insulation properties. In order to meet their rapidly increasing demand, they are looking for Central and East European companies to make the windows for them under a manufacturing agreement.



The Danish company, established in 2015, designs and sells windows and doors in older classical designs, with modern adaptations that live up to today's energy requirements. They have a strong focus on windows used in protected heritage buildings. The company makes a range of different windows and doors including casement and mulled windows, and French doors, and frames are all made from Siberian larch heartwood, with lintels from Swedish pine. All glass used is a combination of 4mm float glass and either energy glass or 4-10-4LowE thermal glass. The windows are usually delivered with casement stays and tail hooks and supplied with acrylic paint surface treatment.

Until 2020, all products were made via in-house production, but with outsourcing of production, there was an increase in turnover. Today, the items are purchased from four different manufacturers, in three different countries.

They have a large network in Denmark, particularly within the Danish market for renovation of older buildings, where they sell to both private consumers and to architects and contractors. It is important for the company that its products have a classic look that is adapted to each individual building, while not compromising on quality, and living up to Scandinavian energy requirements. While most of their market is in Denmark, there are increasing sales to Sweden and the USA.

To ensure continued growth, the company is now looking for a new manufacturer who can produce windows and doors to the designs that the company is known for. The ideal partner is a small Central or East European company that is a carpentry-oriented window manufacturer, with references for build quality.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The Danish company have the following requirements to the production from a potential partner:
- The wood used in production must be of the same quality as the company currently supplies its customers with e.g. heartwood from Siberian larch and Swedish pine.
- The paint used at the products must be from Teknos A/S or be able to demonstrate that the paint used has the same durability in the Scandinavian climate as paint from Teknos A/S.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: A future production partner must be able to adapt to producing windows and doors according to the designs that the Danish company is known for. The manufacturing partner that the company is looking for must be willing to live up to following:
- A close collaboration to ensure that the delivered elements live up to the requirement of the company
- Willingness to buy "Danish fittings" for the elements, preferably through a Danish dealer.
- Able and willing to invest in tools to produce new profiles to the desired quality standards.
- To sign an NDA in the first instance and before production starts to enter into a contract which ensures that the new producer will not be able to compete alone or through others in the markets in which the company operates, to count on the products that the company leaves production to a new partner and that a new partner may not market the company's profiles in other markets without the written consent of the company.

Advantages & innovations:

In addition to negotiating traditional windows and doors for older housing stock, the company is active in the development of window solutions, which ensure a good indoor climate and at the same time the lowest energy consumption.
One of the company's products is the ventilation window, which provides forced, natural ventilation of buildings, building a heat storage in the window area, so the house's fresh air supply is pre-heated when the sun has gone down. Calculations show that energy loss from windows can be reduced by up to 60% compared with traditional passive windows without heat utilisation.

Development Stage:

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