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Danish trading agency seeks suppliers of by-products from food, fish or ingredients industries




A Danish trading and agent company specialising in international trade of biological by-products and waste products from the food, fish, ingredients or plant-based industries is looking for supplier agreements with partners from Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden. The company is interested in buying by-products or waste products in order to sell them to the private energy company where the waste will be recycled into biogas.


The Danish company was founded in 2018 and is partly owned by one of the world's largest private energy companies. It was established with the aim of handling large quantites of biological by-products for making green biogas under the slogan of turning one industry's by-products into another industry's raw materials.

From the above industries, the company is requesting to buy large quantities of by-products that originate from plants and animals, which can be classified as biological material under a fermentation process as part of the production of biogas. All by-products must be classified with EU waste codes and be available as regular waste material.

The company has its own transport and storage facilities. The by-products may be packaged in paper, plastic or metal and the Danish company has the capacity to pretreat the products and separate the by-product from the packaging which leads to the optimal way of recycling.

The company is open to a number of separate contracts for different types of by-product under a supplier agreement. Due to transport costs and weight, the company is only interested in suppliers from Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The Danish company is looking to buy biological by-products and/or waste products with EU waste codes from the food, fish and ingredients industries. They are able to handle products stated on the red and green EU-lists and with order sizes of up to 100,000 tons per year. The company is able to handle deliveries on a continuing basis or single large deliveries.

The Danish company will handle the transportation to Denmark by ship or by truck.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The Danish company is searching for partners who have a close network to the food industry and/or the ingredients industry in which a by-product production or waste production exists.

A partnership with the Danish company can be based on commercial trading of the by-products under long-term supplier agreements.

Advantages & innovations:

The Danish company assists producers of biological by-products and biological waste in adding value to the by-products by recycling them. The by-products are converted into raw materials for another industrial sector, e.g. as a clean and renewable energy source in the biogas industry, where the bacteria convert the products into biogas, which afterwards are cleaned up to natural gas standard and pumped into the trans-European gas grid and used as a green renewable zero-emission energy source.

Secondly, the company supplies industries and biogas plants with raw material that can be converted into new products, fertiliser, feed for for livestock or as an energy source in biogas or power plants, thereby contributing to a greening effect on the European economy.

Development Stage:

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Contact Enterprise Europe Network Scotland by email at, quoting reference number BRDK20200609001