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German start-up from the Frankfurt/Main region is looking for suppliers of padding/foaming for laptop cases from Eastern Europe, the Balkans or Asia under a manufacturing agreement




The German company has been active in online trade with accessories for notebooks for two years and is looking for a manufacturer of high-quality padding or foam for the top and bottom insides of laptop hardcases. The padding is designed to protect the laptop hardware. The preferred material types are EPDM (Ethylen Propylen Dien Monomer) foam and PE (Polyethylen). The start-up would like to cooperate with manufacturers from Eastern Europe, the Balkans or Asia under a manufacturing agreement.



The German start-up was founded 2019 and has specialised in online trade with accessories for computers and mobile communication devices, especially cases for notebooks.

The German company aims to produce reliable and trustworthy protective equipment, combined with outstanding style and designs in the name of their own registered trademark/ brand. Their goal is to distribute their products internationally by business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies and partners.

Currently, the management is looking for manufacturers of paddings for their laptop cases. The task would be to produce the upper and lower pads for the interior of the laptop cases. The paddings have to exactly fit the laptop sizes, surrounding the interior with the required amount of foam or padding material. In this regard the perfect thickness needs to be determined.

Together with the start-up, the manufacturer should select a suitable material which fits the product characteristics and requirements in order to produce cost efficient while keeping the standards high and to fulfil the required certifications for the European market at the same time. The primary goal is to protect the laptop as well as possible. In addition, the feeling, especially the haptic, when touching the material is of high importance. Therefore the quality regarding haptic and optic characteristics has to be manufactured exactly according to the companies’ specifications.

Possibly well-fitting materials would be Ethylen Propylen Dien Monomer (EPDM) foam, PE (Polyethylen) or cellular rubber. However, possible choices are not limited to these materials as the start-up is open for padding or foam materials with similar optic and haptic characteristics. The perfectly matching material should ideally be defined together.

Further technical specifications and pictures can be provided on request.

The company is additionally looking for manufacturers of hardcases to complement their foam or padding. This can be either the same or another business partner. For further information please take a look at their business request for hardcase manufacturers under the reference: BRDE20210903001

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: A partner experienced in padding / upholstery of foam material needs to have appropriate machinery in order to produce cost-efficient paddings or foam pads from qualified material with both the perfect haptic and optic parameters as well as damping characteristics. The foam type has to be scratch resistant, too. The material needs to resist daily usage purposes.

Experts from the sector would be particularly helpful, as they could bring in their know-how with regard to additive materials. The start-up would like to evaluate together with the manufacturer which materials could be added or removed in order to produce an appropriate foam/ padding. Expertise is also sought about similar material including very fine-pored, closed pored, matching haptic and optic.

They are searching for a foam/padding made out of qualified material. This means their requirements have to be fulfilled: scratch resistant, damping, less smell, high-quality optic and haptic. They need to be cut or lasered into a given size and form. The edited foam or padding will be put into a hardcase. This hardcase will keep items such as laptops in a very suitable and fitting foam pad.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: They are looking for padding or foaming manufacturers in Eastern Europe, the Balkans or Asia. A long-term business cooperation is foreseen under a manufacturing agreement. The company is looking for a foam/padding/upholstery specialist who is capable to perform high-quality paddings for their hardcases.

Minimum order quantities can start from 1,000 to 5,000 pieces. The inventor is targeting to produce higher minimum order quantities, to start with when the first series have been sold and the going-to-market was successful. Reinvestments into a variety in size and colours are to be expected for further plans to expand the business and achieve higher minimum order amounts per month or year. The German company’s target is to produce different foam pad types for multiple products in the same category.

The padding manufacturer or qualified supplier needs to fulfil all quality requirements such as standards for import and distribution. They want to share their growth with their new business partner. Therefore, they are searching for a flexible partner with a high-quality production. Reinvestment in growth for tooling or bigger series productions are of interest at a later stage.

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