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Wooden pet articles sought by German wholesaler




A German trading company has established itself as the leading wholesaler for pet supplies in Europe. They are offering a wide range of non-food products for pets. In order to enlarge their supplier network in Europe, they are searching for a new supplier for wooden pet articles, as dog-houses, hutches, toys and bird-feeders. The German company is interested in entering into a supplier agreement or a manufacturing agreement.



The wholesaler, based in the north of Germany, is one of the leading trading companies for pet supplies in Europe. Since its start in 1974, the company has continuously grown and expanded its business. Today they export to more than 80 countries and offer a range of 6,500 products for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, fish and reptiles.
Currently they are looking for new suppliers of various wooden pet articles:
- wood outdoor products for pets, like bird feeders, small animals and dog houses or rabbit hutches. These articles should be suitable for outdoor use and, as a result, weather-resistant.
- wooden toys and equipment for hutches for rodents and further small animals (as hamsters, rabbits or birds) especially wheels, hideouts and nests
The wooden products should be suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Manufacturers should pay attention to European quality standards in production. As the safety of the animal is essential, the articles must be stable and have no holes or gaps in which the animal could injure itself. If the products surface is treated with glaze or paint, this must be non-toxic. To prevent mould growth the used wood for the products has to be completely dried before processing. Further the wooden products must be gas-fumigated before the shipment.
Yet the German company imports most of their wooden articles from Asia but now is looking for new suppliers in Europe. They focus to find partners in Romania or Georgia but from further European countries are also welcome.
The company is looking for experienced manufacturers for this kind of wooden products. The pet articles should already be on the market, as the company is not interested in the development process of these products.
The German company is interested in establishing a supplier or manufacturing agreement and in partnerships on a long-term basis.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: - European production standards must be met.
- The paint/glaze used for the wood surface must be non-toxic.
- FSC certification is not required, but desirable.
- The safety of the animal is paramount. The product should not have holes or gaps in which the animal could injure itself.
- The wood product must be stable and suitable for outdoor use.
- Wood must be dry before processing to prevent possible mould growth.
- Gas-fumigated is required before shipment (depending on the items).
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The German wholesaler is looking for manufacturers or suppliers of wooden products for pets, like bird feeder, toys, hutches and dog houses. Experienced supplier or manufacturer are sought and the offered wood products should already be on the market.
The partner should be able to deliver according to negotiated agreements in quality and delivery time. Producers should be committed to European quality manufacturing standards and interested in partnerships on a long-term basis. Depending on the product and the prospective partner company, the wholesaler is open to either supplier agreement or manufacturing agreement.
They focus on new partners from Romania and Georgia but offers from further European countries are also welcome.

Advantages & innovations:

- Wide range of pet supplies products.
- Experience in international trade, as the company cooperates with many partners from foreign countries.
- Broad portfolio of customers worldwide.

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