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German SME seeks engineering service providers and mechanical/plant engineering companies in Latvia for joint projects in the field of mechanical and plant engineering




A German SME specialised in hardware planning for industrial engineering companies is looking for a technical system planner in Latvia. The goal is the realisation of customer projects within the framework of a joint technical office. The desired services of the partner are the design and programming services for electrical designs based on the software platform EPLAN, if possible the provision of shared office premises and support on site in Latvia. Service or outsourcing agreements are sought.


A German service provider for large manufacturing companies is specialised in customised computer-aided engineering and design services for mechanical and plant engineering. All services offered contribute to making production systems more efficient and to simplifying sophisticated and complex engineering processes. The services offered cover electrical engineering, automation and mechatronics. The solutions offered are based on a world-leading software for the optimisation of product development processes (EPLAN). The IT platform used combines software solutions for all engineering disciplines - from preliminary planning and project planning to the design of switchgear and cable harnesses. In detail, the following services are offered to end users: Holistic planning in 2D and 3D for control and switchgear engineering, software for wiring in control and switchgear engineering, automated drawing of circuit diagrams, special software for fluid plan generation, digital capture of preliminary technical planning, cable and wiring harness design in 3D. The main activity of the German company is to adapt the software to the specific needs of the end users and to link the interface of the platform with the IT and production systems of the end users.
The German company has been active in the Latvian market in the past and provided assistance in commissioning a solid fuel combustion plant for the world's leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of birch plywood products.
Other suitable end customers are companies in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, switch cabinet construction, supply industry, automotive industry, food and beverage processing, process engineering, marine technology, energy industry or building services engineering.

The desired cooperation with the sought-after partner is two-sided and the German comany offers a service or outsourcing agreements. This includes both the approach and support of customers on the Latvian market as well as the provision of engineering and IT services within the scope of joint projects for Germany and Latvia. These services depend on the respective individual customer orders. Ideally, the partner can also provide premises for a joint office (e.g. subletting a CAD workstation, office at an engineering service provider or mechanical engineering company) for processing and providing services and handling purchasing and sales. The jointly managed technical office in Latvia is to be responsible for the project stage (revision processing, EPLAN project planning Classic on-site or off-site, project support from kick-off meeting to final documentation) as well as the concept stage (design of a standardisation concept according to focal points such as EPLAN P8 basic project (incl. project structure and settings), the creation and maintenance of master projects and macro creation in symbol/window or page macro technology)).
Further tasks of the sought-after Latvian partner are the provision and design of the cooperation platform including financial cost sharing. The partner should also act as a sales agent for the services provided on the Latvian market. This would include the sale of consulting services, concept development and hardware planning to end users in cooperation with the German company.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The partner should be familiar with EPLAN software and have EPLAN software licenses. In addition to English, German language skills would be an advantage. The partner should have the necessary technical background to work with end users and customers in the above mentioned industries.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The partner sought should come from the field of mechanical and plant engineering and have the necessary IT skills (technical system planner with programming knowledge). Ideally, the partner has experience in the industry and contacts to potential end users of the products and services. The target industries are diverse, but the wood processing industry could be one of the sectors with special potential in Latvia. Other suitable target industries (end users) are companies in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, control cabinet construction, component manufacturers, the automotive industry, food and beverage processing, process engineering, maritime industry, energy industry or building services engineering. It would be an advantage if the partner in Latvia already has contacts here. Service or outsourcing agreements are sought. The necessary knowhow will be provided by the German SME.

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