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Manufacturer is beeing sought for watering cans made of metal as well as plastic




A German SME is searching for a manufacturer in Europe, who can produce the mascot for the Federal Horticultural Show “Bundesgartenschau BUGA Erfurt 2021", which will be a decorated watering can. The watering cans are to be produced in two versions: high-quality cans made of aluminium or comparable robust metal and a mass-produced version made of plastic. For these assignments manufacturing agreements are being offered.


For the German Federal Horticultural Show “Bundesgartenschau BUGA Erfurt 2021” watering cans are planned as mascots, which will be decorated with already designed stickers. The Bundesgartenschau (BUGA) is a biennial federal horticulture show in Germany. It also covers topics like landscaping. Taking place in different cities, the location changes in a two-year cycle. The BUGA 2021 takes place in Erfurt, which is located in the middle of Germany and is internationally known for its horticultural history. The permanent Erfurt horticultural exhibition EGA (since 1961) is involved in this project.

The mascot for this occasion is a watering can (metal and plastic version), which shall be ilustrated as a "family" with four characters like father, mother, son and daughter with creative names. These four characters are to be distinguished by appropriate painting/print stickers. Currently there is a prototype of these watering cans, which was purchased in retail.

The intended cooperation for the production of the cans will be based on a manufacturing agreement - either with one manufacturer for both types of cans or with one manufacturer for the plastic version and one for the metal cans.

metal watering can
- Material: made of aluminium or comparable robust metal
- Surface: smooth
- Colour: powder-coated
- Finishing: Digital print sticker all-round

plastic watering can
- Material: mass-produced version made of plastic
- Surface: smooth
- Colour: can be produced directly in the corresponding colour
- Finishing: can be displayed differently if possible, if stickers are too expensive or too complicated - artwork is available

For both models:
- Capacity: 5 litres (W 45 x D 18 x H 30 cm) and 1 litre (W 30 x D 11 x H 18 cm)
- Quantities: see attached information for manufacturers
- Feature: full functionality
- Appearance: should correspond to the sample cans (slight deviations are possible)
- Delivery condition: completely finished

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: - high-quality watering cans as well as mass products
- watering can should be produced for the capacity of 1 liter and 5 liters of water
- made of plastic, preferably recyclable plastic as well as metal
- metal watering can is powder coated, inside and outside
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The partner(s) should manufacture a high-quality product made of metal.
The metal watering cans should be delivered powder coated (inside and outside) and covered with the sticker.
Powder coating as well as decorating with the sticker can also be done by a partner of the manufacturer, if neccesary.

Production of a mass-produced product made of plastic, preferably recycled plastic should also be done by this partner or by another company.

Development Stage:

Prototype available for demonstration


Design Rights - Design rights only for the logo and stickers

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