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German distributor of electronics and electric components is looking for manufacturers of radio frequency components or sensors to cooperate under a commercial agency or distribution services agreement




The German company is specialized in sales and distribution of electronics and electric components. They are looking for manufacturers of radio frequency components or sensors for Internet of Things or industry 4.0 applications. They offer their services to increase their partners' sales in Europe, Middle East and Africa. They are looking for industry partners with commercial or technical advantages to become their sales partner under a commercial agency or distribution services agreement.


The German company is a pan-European globally acting value add distributor for electronic and electric components. They are already working with large and medium size industrial and automotive customers for more than 40 years. They are searching additional manufacturers and suppliers in their field and offer to promote the partners' product portfolio under a commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

To expand their product portfolio they are searching electronic and electro-mechanical components as well as integrated circuits with a focus on radio frequency component or sensors for Internet of Things or industry 4.0 applications. The products should have a clear unique selling point. Additionally, the products have to meet the requirements and have all certifications for the European automotive, industrial or medical market.

Their services for business partners:
Identify and "open doors" at potential customers for the respective product, promote and explain products to customers, make joint customer meetings, offer samples via their webshop, explain the product and the vendor on our web-site, negotiate pricing and delivery terms, place AdWords, make press releases, hold local product stock, manage product returns, handle export and import of products, carry out dedicated product promotion campaigns

Beside handling of orders and use of their state-of-the-art supply chain services to meet the delivery dates and special packaging and labeling requirements, they offer a broad variety of logistic concepts - including consignment stock models - if required to perfectly serve their customer needs. Furthermore, they make partners aware of new products which can help to improve their product portfolio and reduce cost of components or products.

In case a business partner doesn't have own production equipments or needs to increase the production capacity they additionally offer own manufacturing services. These services can range from printed circuit board (PCB) assembly up to the test and resale ready packaging of the complete product. This can include checking for lower cost replacements mainly for non-critical components. They offer their customers electronic manufacturing services (EMS) from and large number of sites in many geographical regions; this not only in Europe but globally.

Besides offering components, they also help their customers and partners with their worldwide shipping capability to distribute their products to any place from their local warehouse.

For new partners they offer all the above services to increase their sales in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and organize their global product distribution.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The company is looking for manufacturers of products that fit to their product portfolio of electronics and electric components.

Their current products are electronic and electromechanical components, such as micro controller, display controller, application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC), memories, energy harvesting, discrete power components, radio-frequency identification components (RFID), sensors, cables, connectors, printed circuit boards, LEDs, surface-mounted devices components (SMD), crystals. Key market segments addressed are automotive, industrial, Internet of things, medical plus for some dedicated projects even consumer business.

In addition to the distribution of components they are as well selling finished products such as displays, fiber cables, field-programmable gate array boards (FPGA), evaluation boards to an already well established customer base.

Products should meet all relevant requirements and have all certificates to be sold in the European market, for example CE marking.

Of high importance is that the products provide either commercial or technical advantages to the target sectors of European industrial, automotive, internet of things and medical customers. The key benefits should be described in a contact request.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The German company is looking for additional manufacturers to extend their portfolio of electronic and electromechanical products. The product origin is not restricted to specific countries.

They are particularly searching for manufacturers of radio frequency products or sensors.

- Radio frequency (RF) components: Electronic components and integrated circuits suited for the use in measurement equipment up to several gigahertz. Partners from Asia are preferred in this field.

- Sensors: Any type of sensor or micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) for Internet of Things (home automation/connected home/ wearables) or industry 4.0 (preemptive maintenance) applications. Products offering low power consumption are preferred.

Partner products should be ready for sales in the European market by meeting all quality related requirements (e.g. CE marking) for customer building electronics. Precise documentation is necessary.

They are looking for industry partners with commercial or technical advantages in their target sectors only. Therefore, the unique selling point of products should be clearly described in the contact request, e.g. low power consumption, customized solutions, long experience in their field, good price-quality ratio.

Application fields should be automotive, industrial, internet of things or medical applications.

They are looking for manufacturers of electronic components worldwide to become their sales partner under a commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

Advantages & innovations:

Due to their 40 years experience in servicing customers with electric and electronic components they can help their partners to promote, sell and deliver their products to European customers being active in various market segments. Having a global network of franchises and business partners and a well established customer base they are experienced in overcoming cultural and language barriers as well as transferring goods from any to any place in Europe but also globally.

Development Stage:

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