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German company seeks European meat, ham, cheese and pasta manufacturers or suppliers for distribution agreement




German food processing company is looking for manufacturers or suppliers of meat, cheese, sausage, ham and pasta from Europe for a long-term distribution agreement. It seeks products that are usually thrown away or destroyed by food producing companies (e.g. end pieces or products shortly before expiration of the "best before" date) to process them and sell in small packages to the retail trade. The company participated in several German funded projects on resource efficiency in food production.


German company delivers meat, cheese and sausage products to clients in Germany and Europe (retail, cafeterias, canteens, hospitals). The company with 40 employees cooperates with European meat, sausage, ham, salami and cheese suppliers and imports food products, which producers usually throw away (e.g. end pieces, products with short shelf-life or products with a short-term minimum durability). The company has participated in a number of funded projects on resource efficiency and sustainability in Germany. They processs these product further and sell them in small packages to the retail trade.

The German company's activities include:
- individual packaging;
- production and delivery of fresh products with private labelling;
- production and development of new labels for the clients' products;
- product development, especially of poultry, cooked products and frozen foods;
- cutting, also into cubes, of finished products like ham or salami;
- cooking processes, pureeing, filling and freezing of finished products, meat and cold cuts;
- packaging: 100 g / 200 g / 400 g (individually quick frozen or packed in boxes);
- repackaging from cardboards into E2 boxes (standard load carrier for the meat and sausage processing industries and in retail);
- pricing and labelling.

The company is currently looking for new manufacturers and suppliers of fresh meat, sausage, ham, cheese and pasta products of different kinds from Europe for a long-term distribution agreement. It seeks parts from current productions with a quantity of min. 200 kg (end pieces and unequal slices created daily in the cutting process or products shortly before the expiration date), which will be further processed and sold in Germany and other European countries (as private label products).

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: Products of interest / Specifications:
- sections of sausage, ham, cheese or pasta of different kinds;
- end pieces and unequal slices, which are created daily in the cutting process;
- the company imports raw materials from current productions starting with a quantity of 200 kg/delivery; some of these products are further processed or sold in small packages to the food retail trade as private label products;
- the company is looking for fresh products (loose products wrapped in foil / daily fresh);
- the company will import fresh products with the expiration date of minimum 3 days left.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The German company is looking for European manufacturers and suppliers of meat, ham, sausages, cheese and pasta.

The cooperation partner should provide pieces and unequal slices, created in the cutting process, which are usually thrown away by producers (minimum 200 kg / delivery) or products near the expiration date. The products need to be fresh and wrapped in foil. Expiration date may not be shorter than 3 days.

The German company is interested in a long-term distribution agreement.

Advantages & innovations:

German company has participated in several projects focusing on sustainability and resource efficiency in food production. The company processes food products, which are usually thrown away, destroyed or burnt by food producing companies.

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