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German exclusive living accessories designer looks for facet cut mirror and baroque mirror frames manufacturer




German designer who makes and sells exclusive home furnishings and décor is looking to partner with a company, which is able to produce faceted LED-crystal mirrors (LED: light-emitting diode) with gilded wooden baroque frames using 5 or 6-Axis CNC milling machine and real gold leaves. The partnering should be based on manufacturing, licensing or outsourcing agreement. In case of no exact match with one SME, 2 companies within one country can do the production.


A young entrepreneur and designer from Germany who is offering a selection of exclusive furnishing accessories which embodies the boldest work in luxury, is looking for a business partner who can produce faceted LED-crystal mirrors with gilded wooden baroque frames. These mirrors should be made to dimension and shape. All tasks should be performed under manufacturing, licensing or outsourcing agreement.

The unique imposing design and exclusive precious materials satisfy customer needs. Compared to the standard mirror frames, the use of precious materials in combination with LED technology as well as the genuine gilded wooden frames represents the greatest unique feature.

It is foreseen that the partner company receives hand drawn sketches, which should be converted into 3D models for CNC milling machine. Therefore, it is required that the partner company has an experienced wood carver and a 3D baroque artist/designer who is able to perform those tasks. After the carving process, the frames should be gilded using real gold leaves and the mirrors should be than framed.
LED-crystal mirrors with faceted borders reflect more light than a typical mirror, which is making it perfect for creating the illusion of additional space in smaller rooms corners and hallways.

Because of distinctive type of design and specific request, the German company is open to finding one partner who would produce the baroque frames and other for the production of LED-crystal mirrors with facet cut, but within the same country, due to practical reasons like shipping.

At the beginning, the partner company/companies should make one example product and if this should be satisfactory, the long-lasting collaboration would be established. The future products are going to be produced in limited quantities and with an individual design. The long-term goal of the company is to offer more decorative items in the luxury segment.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: German startup is looking for:
- experienced woodcarver
- 3D baroque artist and designer
- maker of LED-crystal mirrors with facet cut
- experienced gilder who works with real 24-carat gold leaves

Carpenters do not come into consideration.

The production of baroque mirror frames should be performed using:
- 5 or 6-Axis CNC milling machine
- real gold leaves, 24-carat gold

The high-quality mirror frames aesthetically unite classic and modern design. For the 24-carat gilded mirror frame noble solid wood types are to be used.
The mirror glass should consist of a crystal glass, which is than many times higher in quality than simple glass mirrors, since these contain at least ten percent oxides.
For each piece, the quality is in the foreground and is of great importance.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: German startup is looking to partner in the first place with smaller enterprises, preferably those with less than 10 employees. Manufacturing, licensing and outsourcing agreement could come into consideration.
German startup is looking for:
- experienced woodcarver, not carpenter
- 3D baroque artist and designer
- maker of LED-crystal mirrors with facet cut

Because of a specific request, the German company is open to finding 2 partners who would divide the work, where one partner would produce the baroque frames and the other LED-crystal mirrors with facet cut. Due to functional and pragmatic reasons, both partners should come from one country.

When one of those partners is found (i.e. mirror frames manufacturer), he could have the liberty to subcontract the other part of production (faceted LED-crystal mirrors) to the third company. However, these as well as financial aspects are to be discussed with potential partners.

Development Stage:

Already on the market


Secret Know-how,Design Rights - Several exclusive designs have already been designed so that the company can offer a ready product pallet to crystal mirror frames. The company offers its know-how in design and production.

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