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Young people step up to the SciChallenge


What gets young people excited about science? EU-funded researchers are finding out, with a view to encouraging more young people to follow a career in science, technology, engineering or maths.

The EU needs more talented young people to increase its creativity and competitiveness, but enrolment rates for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) degree programmes are currently low, which will create problems for certain industries in the future.

The SciChallenge project will begin by aggregating existing studies, good practices, projects and other material on science education and scientific careers before encouraging young people to create digital education materials or ‘SciChallenges’ and accompanying toolkits.

Young people will be encouraged to create their own SciChallenges as an individual, group or class, and the result may be entered in a contest. The best ideas – based on both online ratings and a jury evaluation – will be feted at a prize ceremony in 2017.

Using various social media channels and the hashtag #scichallenge, the project expects to reach young people, schools and youth organisations across Europe.

The SciChallenge Platform will also be a source for information on science careers, internships and open days, as well as science events (slams, festivals, nights).


Project details

  • Project acronym: SciChallenge
  • Participants: Austria (Coordinator), Czech Republic, UK, Slovenia, Sweden, Cyprus, Hungary, Belgium
  • Project N°: 665868
  • Total costs: € 1 342 844
  • EU contribution: € 1 342 844
  • Duration: September 2015 – August 2017
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Project details