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Towards flexible computing with the Graphene Flagship


Researchers from the Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) Graphene Flagship have demonstrated the first fully functional microprocessor based on a layered material. Consisting of 115 integrated transistors, the processor chip is a first step toward ultra-thin, flexible devices and holds promise for integrating computational power into everyday objects and surfaces.

Microprocessors are a central part of modern electronics, from watches to smartphones and supercomputers. Based on transistors, logic operations are performed through a series of input and output cycles, according to instructions stored in a memory unit. Modern microprocessors are based almost exclusively on silicon, but this technology cannot be made flexible.

Now researchers from Vienna University (member of the Graphene Flagship) have used ultra-thin MoS2 transistors which are inherently flexible and compact. Therefore, this result could be directly translated into fully flexible electronic devices, for example, wearable phones or computers, or for wider use in the Internet of Things.

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