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Safer roads for cyclists


Cyclists suffer a disproportionately high share of road accident injuries and fatalities. Through a combination of detection technologies, warning systems, information display and cooperation systems aimed at reducing collisions, EU-funded researchers are planning to cut fatality figures and make cycling safer.

Around 2 000 cyclists are killed every year on European roads. With electric bikes gaining in popularity, more people are taking to two wheels, and for longer distances. This means that the chances of accidents are also increasing

One of the biggest dangers to cyclists is a collision with a lorry: one in four cyclists killed in the EU dies as the result of an accident involving a heavy goods vehicle (HGV). Another is junctions, where 35% of cyclist fatalities take place.

The XCYCLE project will develop:

  • technologies to improve detection of cyclists, such as an intelligent transport system based on radar technologies, which could be installed in a vehicle;
  • systems to inform both drivers and cyclists of hazards at junctions;
  • new ways to display information both within vehicles and on the roads;
  • cooperation systems enabling vehicles to communicate wirelessly with one another and with infrastructure, designed to reduce the number of collisions with cyclists.

The researchers will also analyse driver and cyclist behaviour, using simulators and a new, large-scale research infrastructure in Germany. A cost-benefit analysis will translate any expected behavioural changes into estimates of how many crashes and casualties have been avoided.

Project details

  • Project acronym: XCYCLE
  • Participants: Italy (Coordinator), UK, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands
  • Project N°: 635975
  • Total costs: € 5 009 332
  • EU contribution: € 5 009 330
  • Duration: June 2015 – November 2018
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Project details