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Light vehicles for a greener future: meeting users' needs


To increase the uptake of electric vehicles in European urban areas, the EU-funded WEEVIL project is developing a light three-wheeler that meets users' expectations in terms of comfort, driving experience, innovation and affordability.

Every year, Europe is becoming more urbanised. This poses a challenge for city authorities faced with growing air and noise pollution, traffic and parking problems as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

The EU-funded WEEVIL project is working on a solution to help tackle these challenges. This solution takes the shape of a new three-wheeled vehicle that is light, quiet, clean, energy-efficient, safe and attractive to the public.

Innovations in the proposed development of this vehicle include new manufacturing processes using affordable composite materials.

Adaptable wheel width is another key feature. With this type of design, the distance between the wheels would vary depending on the circumstances – wider at high speeds for increased stability, and narrower at low speeds for space optimisation and parking in urban areas.

Energy-efficient drive-train technology and battery solutions are also envisaged to make a more affordable and flexible urban vehicle.

Ultimately, WEEVIL’s mission is to achieve car-like comfort and driving experience in a light three-wheeled vehicle. The project consortium is confident that this advance would help to overcome some of the main barriers to electric vehicle adoption in European urban areas.

A new solution for an affordable, comfortable, compact and safe private transport mode not only stands to improve the quality of life in urban areas, but could also pave the way for European industry to establish a dominant position in the electric vehicle market, contributing to EU growth and competitiveness.


Project details

  • Project acronym: WEEVIL
  • Participants: Spain (Coordinator), Italy, Poland, Turkey
  • Project N°: 653926
  • Total costs: € 6 293 944
  • EU contribution: € 6 293 944
  • Duration: June 2015 – May 2019