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Integrating better care for older people


EU-funded project SUSTAIN aims to improve care services for the elderly by integrating the needs and wishes of patients. Such integrated, patient-centred care will promote better services and more choice for older people.

As the European population continues to age, care services are being put under increasing stress in many countries. However, because older people are not always adequately involved in the decisions which will shape the latter years of their lives, their needs and preferences are not always taken into account.

With this in mind, the EU-funded project SUSTAIN aims to achieve better integration of care for the elderly by improving the assessment of older persons’ health and social care needs, involving patients in the decisions affecting them, and offering them the choice of different types of support.

With help from relevant local organisations and knowhow, SUSTAIN will do this by analysing care services across seven European countries. Based on this analysis, the project will produce recommendations and tools in an online roadmap designed to help care providers successfully deliver more integrated services across Europe.

As people age, their health and social care needs become increasingly complex. Giving people more choice and access to a team of health and social care providers will support independent living. This, in turn, could save costs for service providers while simultaneously contributing to achieving comfortable care and peace of mind for service users and their relatives.

Ultimately, the SUSTAIN project aims to make the European care service sector more sustainable and efficient by promoting patient-centred, prevention-oriented services which put the patient’s needs and preferences first.


Project details

  • Project acronym: SUSTAIN
  • Participants: Netherlands (Coordinator), UK, Austria, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Ireland, Estonia, Germany
  • Project N°: 634144
  • Total costs: € 5 888 487
  • EU contribution: € 5 888 487
  • Duration: April 2015 – March 2019