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Satellite Data in Construction

Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, Unit 3B, 3 Watt Place, Hamilton International Technology Park, Hamilton, G72 0AG

Did you know there are over 1,000 operational satellites orbiting the earth at this very moment? Data produced from these satellites plays an important role in our everyday lives – from satellite television to monitoring sea levels, and from weather forecasting to satnav in your phone. Have you ever thought about how this technology could be applied to the construction industry? Probably not, and yet there is potential to address issues throughout the whole of the construction lifecycle from planning and design through construction to ongoing management of buildings and infrastructure assets.

The CSIC are delighted to be partnering with the Scottish Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications (SoXSA) to bring you a half day event and networking opportunity to explore the potential for space technology application within the construction industry.

Come along and hear from industry experts who will explain what data is available, how it can be applied to construction and some examples of projects to help put it into context.

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