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Webinar - Public Procurement of Innovation: Open Tenders in the Health Sector


Are you a company or a technological center developing innovative solutions? This conference could be of your interest, alternatively you can join the webinar!

You will have the opportunity to meet the buyers of two open tenders in the health sector:

  • STARS challenges industry to develop new personalised e-health solutions in order to reduce stress related to healthcare procedures (e.g. stress experienced for planned surgery). The reduction of stress experienced by patients will lower the harmful side effects of sedating drugs, shorten hospital stay, shorten recovery time and relieve carers and relatives from continuous assistance.
  • The ANTI–SUPERBUGS tender aims at improving the quality of care processes in hospital and the reduction of both the costs and the collateral effects caused by Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MDROs, otherwise known as Superbugs) and other Health Associated Infections (HAIs) pathogens, through the development and testing of prototypes of devices and ICT services.

The conference will be held the 22nd of February 2019 from 11.30 h to 13.00 h at ACCIÓ Barcelona and also can be attended by Webinar.

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