How we use your information

Public service delivery

Scottish Enterprise (SE) collects and uses personal information about you in order to provide its public services. In general terms, SE collects, uses, stores and shares personal information about you to:

  • Deliver its services and meet its legal responsibilities
  • Register with our websites
  • Verify your identity, where this is required
  • Contact you by post, email or telephone
  • Authorise us to use your single sign on details from MyBusinessID
  • Understand the needs of your company and how they may be met
  • Join with our public sector partners to deliver comprehensive services for you and your company
  • As supporting evidence when making claims for funding and support
  • Provide you with marketing you have asked for, and to sign you up for events
  • Maintain our records
  • Process financial transactions
  • Prevent and detect crime, fraud or corruption

Further details can be found in the specific sections for each service which follow and can be accessed through these links:

Lawful grounds

Data protection law also says that we must have a legal grounds in order to process your personal information. These are known as lawful grounds. There are six lawful grounds, but we will generally only use 4 of these, as set out below:

Lawful ground What it means
Consent You have given your consent to the processing of personal information for the specified purpose.
Contractual Where you are in a contractual relationship, and we need to process personal information to allow us to perform the contract, or where you intend to enter into a contractual relationship with us.
Legal obligation Where we need to process personal information to comply with a legal obligation placed on us.
Performance of task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of our official authority Where we process your personal information to meet a task that is in the public interest (e.g. using CCTV as a method of crime prevention) or where it is processed in the exercise of our official authority. Our official authority is granted under the Enterprise and New Towns (Scotland) Act 1990

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