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Maritime Industries News #32


The Enterprise Europe Network offers support and advice to businesses across Europe and helps them make the most of the opportunities in the European marketplace. Comprising close to 600 partner organisations, among them Chambers of Commerce, Regional Development Agencies and Innovation Support Organisations, it covers more than 60 countries, throughout Europe and beyond.
This Newsletter publishes regularly updated information on partner search profiles in the fields of shipbuilding, offshore industries, ports & logistics and fisheries & aquaculture as well as information on brokerage events at large international fairs, company missions, international conferences and workshops and regional events.
German company looks for research part-ners in the field of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)
A SME located in Northern Germany pro-vides Automatic Identification System (AIS) data services that enable the real-time tracking of ships around the globe through terrestrial base stations in combination with satellites. The company seeks for collaboration with organizations willing to co-operate under research or technical coop-eration agreement and who are based near the water in Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Albania.
Industrial X-ray tomography for non-destructive testing and analysis
An Italian laboratory offers its industrial tomographic services allowing inspection of objects without altering their integrity. These tests provide precise analysis of internal geometries and offer economic savings. Such acquisition is impossible with any other techniques. The lab is looking for industry partners under commercial agreement with technical assistance and for Academia partners to apply for R&D European programmes under research cooperation agreement.
UK SME offers solutions that convert efflu-ents from cruise ships and from marine waste sectors to biomass and hydrogen locally. Partners are sought for commercial agency agreement
A UK SME specialising in automated effluent waste solutions for use on a portside/harbour. Offers processes to produce electricity and extract hydrogen from waste. The solution can break down various waste streams and generate a valuable biomass fuel. The client offers commercial agency agreements to partners in all geographies.
Spanish company, which specialises in flu-id dynamics, naval architecture and effi-cient design to decarbonize the Maritime Industry, is looking for agents to represent its products and services
Based in Spain, the company brings the innovation, technologies, knowledge and expertise to the field of Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and design, developed dur-ing the last 5 America’s Cup.
From powercrafts to foiling vessels, racing yachts to ships, they develop efficient design to improve vessel efficiency, performance and behavior. The firm is looking for partners to conclude a commercial agency agreement, to represent its products and services.
An Italian company operating in refrigera-tion systems for the marine and military sector is looking for partnerships under an outsourcing agreement, subcontracting or joint venture agreement
An Italian SME active in the design, installation and maintainance of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems for the marine and military sectors is searching for foreign partners in order to expand its activity in the main foreign shipyards. Subcontracting, outsourcing and joint venture agreements are considered.
UK SME providing electric outboards for the marine sector, the client offers com-mercial agency agreements to partners across the network
A UK SME specialising in automotive electromechanical systems for use in engineering and diagnostic solutions. Offers environmentally focused, general purpose, electric outboard motors for the marine sector. The client offers commercial agency agreements to partners in all geographies.
An Italian company specialized in welding machines and plasma-cutting machines since 1954 seeks agents or distributors in South East Asia, preferably in Singapore
An Italian based company designs and produces welding machines and plasma-cutting machines. The main sectors of application are heavy industry, construction, automotive, shipbuilding and oil industry. The SME is looking for a professional agent or distributor to represent the company via a long-term commercial agency or distribution services agreement.
Wind-powered submarine: looking for counterparts in Denmark, France, Germa-ny, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Portu-gal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK
An Italian inventor has patented a novel model of a wind-powered submarine and would like to find private companies interested in further developing it into a viable product or public transport companies interested in exploring new transport systems, starting from prototyping of the innovation. Cooperation would be under license agreements.
UK company is looking for partners and investors for its patent pending floating energy solution for offshore wind industry
A UK company has developed a floating foundation solution for offshore wind turbines deployed in deep water unsuitable for pile foundations. The solution relies on a new generation concept, has been fully tested and is patent pending. The UK company is looking for partners to licence the technology or interested in a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company is also seeking investors for financial agreements.
A Korean company specializing in the man-ufacture of industrial cutting tools seeks agents and distributors
A Korean company has been manufacturing industrial cutting tools, including ISO turning inserts and solid end mills, for the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, and oil & gas industries. With a micro-sized powder (0.2μm) technology, the metal cutting tools show the outstanding performance of cutting difficult-to-cut materials. The company is looking for partners to support their sales and marketing activities in the EU market under commercial agency or distribution services agreements.
Swiss-based industrial company, with an integrated supplier network in the Baltic States and metal processing capabilities, is looking for European partners for manu-facturing, subcontracting and outsourcing agreements
A Swiss company focuses on energy trading & logistics. Since 2021 a new metalworking division has been added, combining its sister company’s production capabilities in Latvia with a network of select manufacturers in the Baltic States and is now in search of new, stable partnerships for manufacturing, subcontracting and outsourcing agreements. The SME offers 4 core competencies: computer numerical control (CNC) machining, sheet metal processing, welding and metal structures manufacturing.
Lightweight lashing technology sought by globally operating Dutch manufacturer
A globally supplying Dutch manufacturer of lashing fittings for heavy load transport aims to enable its client in more efficient and safer working. In addition to the supply of lightweight synthetic lashing chains it wants to offer lightweight lashing tensioners. Therefore the company is looking for technology and/or engineering partners to develop such a tensioning device within the framework of a technical cooperation agreement. This request is part of an open innovation challenge.
Spanish freight forwarder seeks interna-tional partners to expand market under outsourcing agreements
A Spanish freight forwarder with a solid international experience and specialized in exporting all types of commodities, waste materials among others and arranging their Basel authorisations and logistics, is looking for partners to expand its market under an outsourcing agreement.
French SME specialised in temporary building construction made from alumini-um is looking for agents or distributors to find new market opportunities
A French SME specialised in temporary buildings for multiple applications, is looking for new business opportunities through commercial agency agreements, distribution services agreements or manufacturing agreements. The company designs and manufactures their aluminium-framed structure on their production site and are able to provide tailor-made buildings to adapt to their customers’ expectations.
Advanced LED lighting systems for fish farming
An Italian high-tech start-up has developed, in collaboration with research centers and universities, an innovative system of LED lamps and software applied to the fish farming sector. It helps to increase the quality and quantity of production, reduc-ing mortality, prolonging seasonality and improving animal welfare. Organisations and companies operating in the fish farming sector are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.
New foldable, self-inflating, light and high-ly portable device for water rescue and lifesaving
A Spanish public entity linked to the public health sector offers a small, light and compact water rescue device to be worn as a snug waist bag by the lifesaver, that incorporates a self-inflating mechanism, gener-ates no resistance for swimming and leaves the lifesavers hands free to carry out pre-ventive lifesaving tasks. The product is already developed and freely available for any entity interested in manufacturing and/or improving it under a manufacturing or technical cooperation agreement.
A UK engineering and design company working in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry is seeking manufac-turers to produce its high-quality stainless-steel and brass pressure vessel equipment, valves, fittings
The UK company that is involved in the engineering and design of specialised and patented water treatment products for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) sector seeks manufacturers to produce its wide range of both stainless steel and brass designs under manufacturing agreement.
UK company providing road, rail and construction 3D visualisation, virtual reality applications and 3D content seeks subcontracting opportunities
A UK company specialised in developing 3D models and virtual environments, road and rail driving simulator environments, 3D visualisation, simulation, and virtual reality experiences, is offering its capabilities through subcontracting or outsourcing agreements.
Portuguese maritime tourism company is looking for partners to establish commercial agency agreements
Portuguese maritime tourism company from Madeira Island, active in sailing, bird and whale watching, seeks for tour operators, travel agencies and tourism animation companies, to promote and sell its services among tourists who plan to visit Madeira Island. Through commercial agreements, potential partners have the opportunity to increase their offers's variety, in a highly prominent tourist destination that is Madeira.
MariMatch Europort 2021 - International Brokerage Event; 03/04 Nov 2021, Rotter-dam/ Netherlands
Europort Rotterdam is preparing to be the first big maritime fair in Europe in the way to recovery. MariMatch, the international maritime B2B matchmaking event organised by Enterprise Europe Network, will support you in expanding your international network. The matchmaking event offers the opportunity for 1:1 live and probably online speed dating with new business partners. The website is online.
Online Matchmaking Day, 1 November 2021, Klaipėda, Lithuania
Klaipėda Chamber of the Commerce, Indus-try and Crafts is launching an international virtual event „Online Matchmaking Day“. It is a new event that represents the main Western Lithuania business sectors. The match-making event brings together companies from Lithuania and other European countries who are looking for new potential partners and business development possi-bilities. The main sectors: - Maritime sector; - Transport; - Construction, subcontracting; - Production; - Tourism.
Participation in Online Matchmaking Day is free of charge but registration is mandatory. Deadline 10 November. Event website and registration:
Black Sea Online Matchmaking Event, 17./18. November 2021
The target is to bring together companies around the Black Sea basin and their coun-terparts. Sectors represented at the event in special are: -Automotive & Automotive Sub-Industry; - Machinery; - Metal & metal processing; - Food and Beverages, marine products; - Packaging industry; - Chemical, Plastic & rubber; - Building and Construc-tion Industry, Industrial Kitchen; - Mining and mineral; - Furniture, Textile and Home Textile– Please register before 16. November here.
European Boating industry Webinar, 26. November , virtual from Montpellier / Nice, FR
European Boating industry, is a webinar targeting the leisure boat industry with the aims to present the fundings available and the way to benefit from the financing. Including the presentation of the EEN Maritime sector group and the services available to the SMEs. Date: 26. November from 10:30 – 12:00/12:30 Link.
Ocean Plastic International Matchmaking Event, 02. December 2021, Virtual from Copenhagen, DK
Ocean Plastic International Matchmaking Event is a networking event dedicated to creating contacts to potential investors, customers, suppliers, developers, and co-operative partners within the emerging ocean plastic industry. It is an alternative to traditional conferences where the right people can often be difficult to find. Link.
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Mediterranean and Black Seas: Commission proposes fishing opportunities for 2022
The Commission adopted a proposal for fishing opportunities for 2022 in the Mediterranean and the Black Seas. The proposal promotes the sustainable management of fish stocks in the Mediterranean and the Black Seas and delivers on the political com-mitments made in the MedFish4Ever and Sofia Declarations. It reflects the Commission's ambition for achieving sustainable fisheries in these two sea basins.
Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevičius, said: “Sustainable fisheries management in all of the EU's sea basins is our commitment and responsibility. While we have seen some improvement in recent years in the Medi-terranean and Black Seas, we are still far from reaching sustainable levels and more effort is needed to achieve this goal. We are, therefore, today making our proposal for fish catches in the two sea basins fully reliant on scientific advice.”
Source: European Commission Press Corner
2021/S 137-36379
Germany-Cologne: Horizon Europe Project: Helicopter Underwater Escape #2
Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: Date: 19/11/2021; Local time: 12:00
2021/S 199-519319
Ireland-Galway: Marinebase support services
Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: Date: 08/11/2021; Local time: 10:00
2021/S 201-522257
Greece-Athens: Engines and engine parts for warships Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: Date: 24/11/2021; Local time: 13:00
European Innovation Council announces new wave of start-up champions
The European Commission's European Innovation Council has selected 65 innovative start-ups and SMEs to receive €363 million of funding for breakthrough inno-vations. Each company will receive a com-bination of grant financing and equity investment of up to €17 million to develop and scale up their ground-breaking innovations in healthcare, digital technologies, energy, biotechnology, space and other. This is the first batch of companies that will be funded under the fully-fledged European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator.
Among the companies selected are:
Lithuanian UAB INOVATYVI MEDICINA that developed a smart, sensory, tele-operated robotic system, which allows an endovas-cular procedure to be performed without exposure to harmful X-rays;
Norwegian Bluegrove AS that introduced the most advanced salmon welfare moni-toring and prediction solution to take care of fish welfare.
The 65 successful companies are established in 16 countries. The demand for equity financing through the new EIC Fund was particularly high, with 60 out of the 65 companies. The EIC Accelerator offers start-ups and SMEs grants of up to €2.5 millioncombined with equity investmentsthrough the EIC Fund ranging from €0.5 to€15 million. In addition to financial support, all projects benefit from a range of Business Acceleration Services.
A new start-up friendly application processhas been introduced this year, under Horizon Europe, where companies can submittheir ideas at any time for an immediatefast assessment. Successful candidates areinvited to prepare a full application withthe help of free business coaching. The fullapplications are then evaluated at regularcut-off dates approximately every 3 months.
Source: European Commission Press Cor-
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