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Who saves Christmas every year? We do!


Every year an un-publicised service* that the Enterprise Europe Network in Scotland merry christmas from the enterprise europe network scotland pictureprovides is deployed just once. 

  • Our innovation funding advice ?
  • Business coaching?
  • Partnership creation?
  • Business to Business meetings? 

None of these. Every year in December we switch on our extra sensitive internet scanners. The office squirrels are on high alert and we change the light bulb to RED. Sometimes someone will stand and the door and switch it on and off a lot while making wailing sounds. 

We are looking for anything that could stop Christmas. And something always does.

Broken supply chains, gift purchase dilemmas, time travel portals, office security and more conspire to destroy Christmas.

As you would expect from EENScotland, we deploy our best brains, the time travel portal in the stationery cupboard and even Eric the dog in fancy dress to ensure Christmas is saved. 

We capture it all in a podcast. The first time it happened in 2011 in Our Scottish Xmas Podcast we found out about mince pie eating competitions and what a giraffe has got to do with Xmas. 

In our 2012 podcast called Who stole Xmas? , Eric the dog had to wear a costume to get through security as we tried to retrieve our Xmas tree from their clutches. In 2013 new team members Camille and Lesley-Anne were dropped in at the deep end in our episode called Santa is in the Stationery cupboard !  The famous stationery cupboard portal appeared as did a large Victorian knocker. Jane and Ken ventured forth into the Glasgow German Christmas Market in search of secret Santa gifts.  The Secret Santa Adventure reveals they got much more than they bargained for.

2015 was the year When Santa Got Stuck with No Chimneys including the first appearance of Elvis the Elf, who reappeared in 2016 When we saved Christmas again!   We demonstrated how the Enterprise Europe Network can help in even the most extreme situations/ Last year in 2017 , perhaps our most controversial episode, we investigated Christmas customs across the world in order to solve the mystery. The podcast title reveals all - Warning - our Xmas podcast includes Krampus, tight pants, harassed sheep and Yule goats!

This year once again we will be on the look out. The squirrels have already negotiated their bonus and the exclusive used of the kilt dryer.

Watch this space and subscribe to our podcast to find out what happens. Our podcasts also feature invaluable advice for businesses for the rest of the year.

And have a Merry Christmas

Love from The EEN Scotland team**

** Yes that is Comic Sans, we have no shame

*This service like all our business support services is FREE.