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H2020-SC1-DTH-08-2018: Experts in semantic web solutions, ISO EN13606 or open EHR (Electronic Health Records), and hospitals that provide large databases are sought to develop a European standard platform of EHR




A Spanish SME specialised in eHealth solutions is looking for partners for submitting a proposal to the call H2020-SC1-DTH-08-2018: Prototyping a European interoperable EHR exchange. The project aims to develop a European cloud-based platform for standardization of Electronic Health Records (EHR).
Companies, research centres, or academic institutions with expertise in design/development of semantic web solutions and EHR models and hospitals that provide large databases are sought.


This project aims to develop, test and validate a platform for analysis of EHR that ensures the harmonization and standardisation of European health data. This platform will allow the interoperability between physicians and citizens through health information systems, and fusion of health data in a common storage platform for analysis at a European level.
The platform will be developed based on EHR archetypes that follow the ISO EN13606 standard. This platform will provide enough functionality and flexibility to adapt its EHR requirements in terms of data curation and interoperability between heterogeneous health services classified according to the clinical scope.
The platform will be tested and validated with multiple heterogeneous health services/companies/research centres that collaborate with hospitals which may have or not implemented EHR systems. Hospitals or other institutions that can provide large volume of data from their EHR will be highly valuable for data integration and the validation process.
The coordinator of SHEHEALTH is looking for partners from companies, research institutions or academia with demonstrated experience in design and development of semantic web and EHR solutions with expertise in ISO EN13606 / openEHR model, in addition to clinical centres that can provide large volume of data and are able to adopt, test and validate the solution.
The project will be submitted to the call “H2020-SC1-TDH-08-2018: Exploiting the full potential of in-silico medicine research for personalised diagnostics and therapies in cloud-based environments” (maximum duration of the projects is 36 months and the budget for ranges between 10 and 15 M€).

The project SHEHEALTH has duration of 156 weeks. Deadlines for the call and expressions of interest are 24rd April 2018 and 15th March 2018, respectively.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: Institutions in the ICT area with experience in:
• Semantic web applied to health records
• ISO EN13606
• OpenEHR
Hospitals with or without EHR that show an interest in:
• Analysis of clinical data
• Developing interoperability solutions
• Adoption and implementation of new EHR models
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Companies, research institutions or academia with expertise in developing semantic web and EHR solutions, and hospitals that are able to provide large volume data, and to adopt, test and validate the solution are sought. Knowledge of the ISO EN13606 or openEHR specifications will be positively valued.

Advantages & innovations:

Although there is large amount of clinical data in the EHR in individual countries across Europe, there is need to put together and standardize these sources for their use in research and the development of healthcare solutions. Health data is still stored in repositories that do not match the semantic, safety and quality standards. This project will develop a European cloud-based infrastructure that will compile harmonized and standardized data from individual data silos for eHealth interoperability tasks. This platform will:
i) Ensure data and metadata quality and curation for analysis and reports
ii) Include the development of clinical models or common procedures and tools
iii) Ensure privacy and security solutions for data access
iv) Allow communication between citizens, patients, healthcare providers including the integration of new solutions taken from programmes for patient empowerment and new medical solutions
v) Provide export and access use for citizen´s health data
This infrastructure will be developed based on population´s health data developed by themselves, health care professionals or any other relevant healthcare sources and will allow the integration of additional modules for different types of data such as omic parameters.
In addition, an education and communication campaign is planned to explain how the infrastructure works as well as to speed up its take-up and sustainability in the short and long-term.

Development Stage:

Proposal under development - SHEHEALTH aims to develop a platform with several modules for standardization of European EHR; the proposal is currently under development.



Programme - Call:

Evaluation scheme: Single-stage

Acronym: Development of novel software solutions for data standardisation and harmonization of European Electronic Health Records (SHEHEALTH).


Deadline: 24/04/2018

Coordinator required: No

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