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Project on virtual training in project management with the goal to enhance "internationalization at home" is searching for a lead partner for Erasmus+ KA2 program




Higher educational institution (HEI) from Bosnia and Herzegovina is searching for a lead partner (preferably university or R&D institution) in a consortium comprised of 15 institutions from Europe to apply for Erasmus+ KA2 program. Lead should manage partners and reporting activities.
The main objective of the project is to increase "internationalization at home" for the HEI, by developing HR capacities in the field of project management (writing applications and conducting a project).


Higher education institutions are faced with the challenge of limited national funding for projects, while at the same time universities need to have an internationalization strategy. The internationalization of higher education has been one of the top priorities of European policy makers for more than 20 years already. In the EU-2020 strategy internationalization is recognized as a fundamental tool.

This project focuses on three partner regions, i.e. Western Balkans, Central Asia and South Mediterranean, where an intensive internationalization process is lacking. This shows in low international attractiveness, the net outflow of domestic students, large parts of non-mobile students and staff, low number of joint programs, low import of educational services, few international project managers with experience, and so on. This project aims to overcome the gap between the internationalization imperative and the existing capacities of universities to implement this, by enhancing “internationalization at home”. This will be done through pilot initiatives to develop international communities (young researchers, administrative and academic staff), who will engage in the project development and management. In order to do so, this project aims to develop institutional capacity and expertise to approach international project management by enhancing the capacity of human resources in the area of project development and implementation.

The existing consortuim has 15 partners, 5 institutions from Programme Countries and 10 from the three ERASMUS+ Partner regions (3 regions: Western Balkans, Central Asia and South Mediterranean). They need a lead partner who will overtake the acitivities to coordinate such a large and demanding consortium and who will be involved in a day-to-day communication. Moreover, the lead partner will be responsible for the reporting activities.

The project is planned to be submitted for Erasmus+ - Key Action 2 - Capacity building in the field of higher education, with a deadline of February 8th, 2018, therefore the EoIs are expected by the January 12th.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The consortium comprised of 15 partners is looking for a lead partner from Program or Partner country for Erasmus+ projects. It should be a university or R&D institution with the ability to dedicate its time to main project management duties, since it is a demanding task to handle 15 partners from 8 different countries.

The main task of the lead partner is to continuously coordinate project partners, organize meetings, manage procedures for administrative and financial management of the project, monitor progress and lead on internal project reporting in order to adjust project activities when necessary.

The leading partner will have to efficiently manage the project and will be responsible for day-to-day management and coordination, drafting of the progress and final reports to the Commission.

Development Stage:

Proposal under development - The project with detailed budget is already prepared, but requires certain modifications and final "touch-up". The communication with all partners involved should be intensified at this stage.

Programme - Call:

Evaluation scheme: Single-stage submission scheme

Acronym: PROject Management Platform and Training - PROMPT


Deadline: 08/02/2018

Coordinator required: No

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