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H2020 DT-FOF-03-2018: Consortium is looking for a partners working in the field of the analysis of the optical radiation coming from environmental objects.




An Armenian University intends to submit a proposal under H2020 in order to develop and manufacture a selectively sensitive photodetector and a semiconductor spectrophotometer for the detection of impurities and hazardous substances in the environment. The formed consortium is looking for a coordinator and European partners active in research, testing, design, and fabrication of new devices in the field of spectral analysis of the optical signal coming from the investigated objects.


For the last 30 years the University has been engaged in research and engineering developments, particularly, in the fields of environmental protection, photoelectronics, nanosized structures, mining industry, medical equipment, automation, chemical compounds. The developments of the University are applied in the relevant fields of science and technology. Some of the developments are being commercialized. The University is interested in the development of the new, more reliable methods of research, and, as a result, in the improvement of the safety of living standard. Thus, it will be possible to realize ambitious projects.
The project introduces the mixed technology of the creation of a multifunctional light analyzer designed for environmental and scientific applications.
This technology ensures the functioning in the field, offers higher reliability (without the optical system and with no need for alignment) and higher speed of optical analysis (silicone technology) with minimum material consumption and capacities.

For this purpose, a specially designed semiconductor photodetector with spectral selective sensitivity is used in the spectrophotometer. The development of such a photodetector is a revolutionary solution for spectroscopy. This innovation will make spectrometers cheaper, smaller and more user-friendly (no lenses, no prisms, no diffraction gratings and no photodiode arrays). The proposed technology is designed for the next generation commercial products. Such a photodetector will be able to beat the market of inexpensive spectrometers.
For H2020 DT-FOF-03-2018 call, the University offers skills for the development of the innovative devices. For that purpose, the optimal design of the photodetector will be developed, the photoelectronic processes occurring in the photodetector will be simulated, the possibilities of the spectral analysis of the optical signal via the development and the realization of the algorithm and the evaluation of the accuracy of the analysis will be experimentally demonstrated, the quantitative assessment of the dependence of the spectral intensity on the wavelength of the optical signal will be carried out, the accuracy of the optical spectral analysis will be improved via improving the target parameters of the photodetector and taking into account the feedback between the input and output parameters of the analyzer.

Already formed consortium includes academic partners from Georgia, Latvia and the USA.
The Latvian side is the developer and the manufacturer of various semiconductor technologies and electronic components. They can produce and test such detectors and bring them to the market, ensure the technological manufacturing of the photodetector and carry out the development of the electronic package of signal processing. The Georgian partner will provide antireflecting nanosized films for photodetectors (including those made of black silicon).
The new partnerships will open up the possibilities of the development and study of the target spectrophotometers designed for agricultural, biological, medical purposes, and for monitoring water resources and determining the quality of food products.
The consortium is looking for Coordinator and European partners from Universities, SMEs, industry and R&D specialized in the field of technology, research and expertise. Their experience and possibilities may be used for the development and study of the innovative, target systems of optical detection.

Deadline for the call 22/02/18
Deadline for EoI : 01 Feb 2018

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Technological centers or universities working in the sphere of research, testing, design, fabrication of new devices in the field of spectral analysis of the optical signal coming from the investigated objects.

SMEs, industry and R&D specialized in the field of technology, research and expertise. Their experience and possibilities may be used for the development and study of the innovative, target systems of optical detection.

Advantages & innovations:

The knowledge and the significant experience in the development of semiconductor devices and devices with various optoelectronic properties, in combination with innovative technologies and know-how, will lead to the creation of the devices with new advanced properties.
The entire innovation chain may cover the development, the production and the testing of the prototypes of spectrophotometers.

Development Stage:

Available for demonstration - The sample of the photodetector structure has been developed and manufactured by the University and the partners from Latvia. The algorithm with the use of the digital data of the photoresponse of the photodetector is worked out and tested. The spectrum of the used radiation is received. This experience can be used to develop an innovative device for the optical spectral analysis of the investigated objects.

Programme - Call:

Evaluation scheme: RIA Research and Innovation action , 2 stage


Deadline: 22/02/2018

Coordinator required: No

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